Our Scene | Our City | Our Sound Mix Series: Dirty Current “Stealth Tilted EP”

I am featuring another local Columbus electronic music duo that has really impressed me of late in the Our Scene, Our City, Our Sound Mix Series this week. Dirty Current needs no introduction for those of you deep in the scene. For those of you just hearing about them, they are are a DJ duo that has been blazin’ columbus dance floors with remixes and orignals for some time now. They just recently played at the RoeVy halloween party, where I got my first taste of their sound live.  Ever since then, I have been listening to their bangin’ offerings on soundcloud trying to recreate that experience.

After immersing myself in their originals, remixes, and sets, I really can’t stress enough how talented these two cats are. This talent is on full display in the two tracks they have completed for the Stealth Titled EP thus far; Anubis & Raw. (Both Tracks are available for streaming and Free Download on their soundcloud HERE). If these two tracks are any indication of what Dirty Current have in store, I do not know if Columbus will survive the next year of their maturation and development. There is word of 2 or 3 more originals in the works as well as remixes by none other than my boy Dunjinz (Get at Dunjinz’s tracks HERE). For the time being, let me give you some thoughts and commentary on these two tracks and provide you some direct streams to get at them.


The swirling energy that exudes out of the introduction of this track does not prepare you for the bedlam that is laid on you once the this track hits high gear. There is an unmistakable controlled aggression that lies just beneath the surface that shows how serious the production skills of Dirty Current are. I am in total agreement with them when a pitched down voice in the middle of the track states, “This Is Not A Game.” I can see that very clearly, as with AnubisDirty Current has taken me to a dark, industrial dystopia full of thumping bass and chaotic synths. I draw very distant comparisons to Boys Noize’s track trooper in the overall aesthetic flowing from the track. I hear this throughout, but especially in the end when they really settle in to a more subtle rhythm.


Mechanical, hypnotic, unchained are just three words that I could use to describe this track. It feels like a machine has gone wild and taken on a life of its own and is attempting to cross the mechanical/human divide. Though some cannot decipher what these bass beats and synth chord are relaying. To me, this message is unmistakable in its clarity. Dirty Current are bringing those infectious, dirty synth chords and bass lines that cannot be denied. I know I cannot deny the pure energy of this track, because it is only at the end that I am able to stop destroying everything in my close vicinity.

For those of you who can’t wait to see Dirty Current, you are in luck. These purveyors of electro boom and doom are playing at LeBOOM! 11 this weekend at Skully’s (for more details on that show click HERE). I will be there in full effect saturday dancing so hard that people will be recoiling away in fear (as all my friends affectionately tell me is the case). I also will be covering the show for Local Autonomy with full photo and intellectual coverage. 

Before you go, make sure to check out the pictures below and go Interact with Dirty Current on:





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