Creative Reinterpretation: Sybling Q Remix of roeVy’s “Beleth”

Roevy–Beleth (Original Mix)

I don’t need to say much about this track, because it is a true work of art. I respect the craftsmanship that lies behind this track. Words cannot do justice to the feelings I have when those glitchy, aggressive, pulsating drops hit. In the live setting, absolutely ANARCHY ensues turning individual human beings into part of an amorphous horde vibin’ to a common collective beat.  Yet, this is not shocking. This is at the core mission of who and what RoeVy is. Collective mobilization of a beat driven community is what is at the core of not only RoeVy, but the whole C-Bus Electronic scene. This track contributes to this identity and gives us all something to proudly dance around. 

RoeVy–Beleth (Sybling Q Moombahton Remix)

Interestingly, I could not fathom how Beleth could be made into something else. It stood to me as a testament of a very specific sound in our Columbus scene. Yet, minds are made to be changed and opened to new possibilities. Sybling Q came correct with this remix of the track. He shattered my old interpretation of what Beleth was and opened up a whole new world of possibility for the track. The careful construction of the Moombahton bass line and synth progression into an infectious groove made me run around crazed with delight, as I progressed through each progressive drop. (I will say this was a watershed moment for me when I finally got the moombah-craze) I love the use of the manipulated vocal samples Sybling Q uses to make his own mark on the track. He recreates it in his own vision and succeeds masterfully. My favorite portion of the track comes at 1:48 when his second drop reveals this beautifully layered groove that relies on multiple samples that all have different time signatures. These different layered beats overlap to create one cohesive track that I cannot get enough of. It really shows what can happen when one keeps an open mind and considers what they can do with an idea or sound to create something new. 

If you want more from RoeVy & Sybling Q hit up their soundcloud and facebook pages through these links below:

RoeVy Soundcloud————–Sybling Q Soundcloud

RoeVy Facebook—————-Sybling Q Facebook


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