LeBOOM! 11 Starter Kit

So the biggest monthly electronic show in Columbus composed of all local artists is tonight. Where are you gonna be? Thats right your going to be on the floor at Skully’s ragin’ next to me reppin’ the C. If you haven’t heard of LeBOOM! or don’t know how we get down in the C-BUS check this video done by Mike Harmon (Check out Mike’s work HERE) at the last LeBOOM! It captures the absolute BEDLAM that went down.

Now that you see what we’re working with, let me give you a preview of what you can expect from the DJs in the lineup with some choice tracks to get you hyped for tonight:

Heady Ruxpin:

Live artist and DJ Heady Ruxpin not only entices your ears, but your eyes as well with amazing live art inspired by the music going on around him. It will be my first time seeing him work, but I am really psyched to see what this guy produces. He never disappoints though, as many people cite his work as making their show a truly exceptional experience. I will let you find that out for your self, but get ready to be amazed. He truly provides a unique artistic experience.


The Magistrate of Moombahton comin’ straight at us with the Dirtiness. When asked how he would describe his sound he said, “It (my sound) moves fast, but fluidly through whatever sounds I am interested in at the time. I spend most of my day in a trial and error process until things sound the way I want them to.” This process is really working for him in tracks like Hits Me Like a Rock and KNAS Around and his Chaos Castle mix.  Don’t sleep on this cat. You gotta come out and check his set to take advantage of his infectious groove

Knas Around

Hits Me Like a Rock

The Chaos Castle

Dirty Current:

These guys are no Stranger to Local Autonomy. They were the subject of my local music spotlight this week (You can get at that Review HERE). Suffice to say these guys are come direct with that “Dark Electro Rock” that leaves your body shaking and your mind reeling. I have been mentally and physically transformed from my contact with these sultans of synth. Check these two clean, dark, and hypnotic originals Anubis & Raw to bait your appetite for tonight.



Attak & Carma:

Well before I got into the scene these two cats were spinning tracks and getting the party hyped. Its safe to say they knew what cool was well before I could even comprehend the meaning of the term. Their work on the set is no different. They define the boundaries of raw, unbridled energy with the very act of stepping on that stage and spinning those hot genre defying tracks. You best not miss there set. Its going to be a spectacle in every good sense of that term. Here’s some sets by the two to get you all warmed up.

ATTAK – Lost at the Party (Mini-Mix)

Carma — Like A Boss


The Main Event. These guys need no introduction to our scene. They are the Dark Lords of otherworldly Ethereal Beats and Demonic Drops. Yet, they describe their sound, visuals, and shows best with their own words:

“In a society plagued with an overwhelming despair and fear of the future,  our primary objective is bringing joy + happiness to the masses.  We attempt and hopefully succeed at this using a variety of techniques laid out to the sounds of fun, yet dark electro and techno inspired music.  Our main emphasis has been our live show where we utilize synched audio and video as well as attempting to create a fairly atmospheric experience through use of costumes and various props.”

Check their Demons EP out below:

You best believe I am ready to rage tonight. Are you not convinced yet? Just take my word on it. I promise you will have the time of your life. Need Details on todays event? Go to the facebook event page HERE  or check out the promoters page My Best Friends Party for all the up to date info.  I will be covering the event for Local Autonomy so don’t be shy if you see someone snappin’ photos or going straight crazy on the dance floor. Come up and say Hey.  See you on the Floor.

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