Robert Hood

“Before I got into this music I wanted to be an originator; I wanted to be original”

I think this cat is someone we should be hip to. Hood is a pioneer of the Detroit scene and has stood the test of time. This is a mix he did for XLR8R magazine a couple months back, and I really enjoy it. His minimalism is really interesting for me to think about in our age when every second of a track these days is filled with noise. I wonder what work quiet can do for us? How can we be an original by breaking out of past molds like Hood?

Robert Hood – XLR8R Podcast 218 [2011-10-04]

01 Robert Hood “Darkroom” (M-Plant)
02 Oliver Ho “Silver (Damon Wild Remix)” (Sequential)
03 Robert Hood “Superman” (M-Plant)
04 Scorp “New Energy” (Scorp)
05 DJ Pierre & Green Velvet “Acid Trax (Original 2011 mix)” (Afro Acid)
06 Robert Hood “Stereotype” (M-Plant)
07 Robert Hood “The Family” (M-Plant)
08 Ben Sims “Dollar Bil Y’all (Version)” (Hardgroove)
09 Juju & Jordash “Deep Blue Meenies (Robert Hood Remix)” (Dekmental)
10 James Ruskin “Work (Steve Rachmad Remix)” (Blueprint)
11 Robert Hood “unreleased”
12 Floorplan “Basic Principle” (M-Plant)
13 Italo Boyz “Zinga” (Get Physical)
14 Floorplan “Wall To Wall” (M-Plant)
15 UK Gold “Agent Wood” (Primate)
16 Robert Hood “Range” (M-Plant)
17 Robert Hood “Minimal, Minimal” (M-Plant)
18 Mark Broom & James Ruskin “No Time Too Soon” (Blueprint)
19 Plastikman “Spastik (Dubfire Remix)” (Plus Cool
20 Ortin Cam “Sneaker Pimp” (Roots)
21 Ben Sims “Dollar Bill Y’all (Vocal Mix)” (Hardgroove)
22 Floorplan “We Magnify His Name” (M-Plant)
23 Secret Cinema “Cartoon Clip” (SC)
24 Robert Hood “Clash” (M-Plant)
25 Armando “100% Of Dissin You” (Warehouse)
26 Kenny Larkin “War of the Worlds” (Elypsia)


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