Avtomobile–Ann Arbor, Michigan

Now you know I love reppin’ the C-Bus, but sometimes its good to get out and see what our neighbors to the North are doing. While exploring Ann Arbor, my main squeeze Lily (who runs the phenomenal Lucky Star Fashion Blog) and I came across this vintage inspired clothing store on east Liberty Street that really wow’d us. Ironically, the owners Maris & Sarah went to Columbus College of Art & Design. Not only have they curated an incredibly array of amazing recycled Pendleton & Woolrich Woolen Mills vintage wares, they have carved out an amazing design niche through their own line of clothing. Drawing on a maritime and the aura of the American production tradition, the two creatives behind this shop really captured my stylistic imagination with their clothing line and store front. Let’s start with their clothing. Take the hats they have constructed for their brand.

The distressed logo with the stitching shows such an attention to detail that is characteristic of much more seasoned brands. Yet, this line is in its first production cycle. The rest of their work is no different. They take care that every piece they produce is of the utmost quality. This same attention to detail is found in their storefront. I am still marveling today over how they constructed their space. It spoke to me deeply, as a person devoted to American production and recycling past items from this tradition. Take these photos for instance:

The merging of the vintage clothing in with their own line is done seamlessly. I could hardly delineate the line between their clothing and the curated vintage wares. This is where I feel the brands talent lies, because they have created a storefront where vintage and new have been recycled into a new experience for all people to interact with. Their approach represents a democratization of the American production tradition that is often out of reach for most of the American populace. I for one was so appreciative that such high quality wares were available for such reasonable prices. This shows that the two creatives behind this brand value being style conscious, but also do not want to alienate the vary people quality american work clothes were made for: The People. I for one will keep coming back to this store “Up North” in order to get all the choice pendleton and woolrich wares, and innovative original designs.

If you were diggin’ this brands vision, make sure you “Like” them on facebook and check out their blog HERE 

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