Track That Started It All

So we all have that song that plunged us head deep into the depths of electronic music. Over the next few months I will be asking various DJ’s, VJs, photographers, Videographers, writers, and dancers from our Columbus scene to share with us what their first track was when they got it and they couldn’t stop listening to these sounds. Maybe there will be interesting overlaps. Maybe we will find foundational stories of the role electronic music plays in peoples lives. Who Know. The Possibilities are endless. I will Start it off with my track that Started it all. I was hooked the minute I heard Orbital’s track “Halcyon”. I was 14 years old and was watching the cult classic movie “Hackers”. The track hit as the main Character looked to restart his life in New York after moving away from his childhood homw. I was immediately taken by the beauty of the song, but had no other frame of reference for the track. It spoke to me of experiences of transition that we all experience growing up. Yet, I had little in the way of knowing what the song was.

I searched everywhere for it. The internet was slow in those days, as the dial up connections were common. When I finally found it, I played it over and over again. I just let the beautiful trancey rhythm wash over me. Yet, I had no where to find more current electronic music and had no scene anywhere close to me. It wasn’t until over ten years later when I moved to Columbus that I was actually able to join a scene and realize the power of electronic music live. I haven’t looked back. 

What’s Your Story? Let’s open the conversation up. Email me your track that started it all and your story at and I will try and include you in later iterations of this feature. Or you can hit our facebook and post it right to our wall. Let’s Build our Scene together and create a Unified Story. 


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