Scene Building: Rashad Thomas

Excerpt from 614 Magazine article with Rashad Thomas (Check that HERE)

“I should have and could have left, I know a lot of people that did. I look at Kanye West, for example: he left Chicago to go to New Jersey, but that was a one-man project, and that’s what his whole life was. And my life is the exact opposite. I’ve never made a dollar here music industry-wise. But the town and the camaraderie I have with the people I work with here mean everything to me. I can go to L.A. by myself, but it wouldn’t be the same. I’m okay with being in Ohio and just doing my thing,” he added. “My dream is to have a beautiful mansion in Bexley, man, and build up my city. That’s how I look at it, that’s my Beverly Hills.”

Now thats holding down your City. Sound Familiar? Its the same ethos that drives the electronic music community here in our city. Lets collaborate and build ourselves up. I love Thomas’ devotion to create a sound for Columbus. He is well on his way I can hear the dilla flowing through his tracks. Check his production work on Stalley’s huge track Lincoln Way Nights:

Thomas’ work on Stalley’s huge mixtape “Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music)” also just got recognized. Spin magazine recognized Stalley’s mixtape as one of the top 50 mixtapes you need to know (Check that article HERE). Guy is helpin’ put Columbus on the map.

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