Scene Building: Do-It-Yourself Ethos & Our Sound

Two things that stand out to me in our electronic music scene: 1.) Our dark, spacey, & aggressive core sonic aesthetic & 2.) Our devotion to the ethos of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) culture and community building.

No where is our devotion to DIY culture and community building more evident than in the comments Scott Niemet made in an interview about 1 year ago:

“I look at underground/independent music in a bigger picture… I stand behind DIY (do it yourself) ethics and creative culture.. I build social environments, I try to create places where people can share time together and walk away feeling a part of a community.” Scott Niemet–Interview with Ohio Stand Up From Last Year (Get at it HERE)

I remember reading this interview and being like, “Damn, thats right its all on us. If you want something to happen you gotta go out and make it happen. We cannot and don’t want some big production company to create this scene for us.” This would just be a commercialized production devoid of the very elements of our scene we value so much. In this way, I think of our scene as an incubator for creativity and expression. A place where you can drop out of the rat race and lose yourself in a world devoted to different ideals. What makes our scene so special is that this DIY mentality is hardwired into everything that we do, because we are all out to better our community and express ourselves creatively. It begs the question to the reader,  What do you want to happen in our scene? Is there a hole you want to fill? Think about it. How can you make our community more cohesive? I think this is a serious question, because it is the same question that propelled me to start this record of words, images, video, and audio.  It could be as simple as taking a chance by dancing or attending a show for the first time or as elaborate as starting a DJ, VJ, Dance, or artist collective. Every action counts when its oriented towards our collective goal of building our community.

Here are two examples of how people have contributed to our scene creating sounds and video to give meaning to our collective actions. What will your action be? 

Javan Hillard’s Look Into Dirty Current’s Set at RoeVy’s Halloween Party

Dirty Current from Murderously on Vimeo.

Lovin’ this video. Hillard really captures the gritty energy of that night. It really showcases how our scene is not just DJ’s, but also dancers, videographers, artists, photographers, and outcasts. Shows you how important video is to capturing energy and providing us a record of what we did and how we came together.

Funerals–Wander Drift Mix

WOAH!! You gotta give this mix done by Columbus-based Funerals a spin if you are into darker, ambient electronic music that uses equal parts silence and sound to create something new. It was just released this month as part of a mix series for an Italian magazine. As I write and research more, I see how far our community’s reach is in the world. Our artists aren’t just appreciated here, but across the globe. Though we all feel like there is something special happening here in columbus, I can tell you we aren’t alone in that feeling.  Our small, determined community is putting Columbus on the map. Funerals is a great example of this, as they have garnered widespread attention for holding down our city with their innovative sound that fits squarely into our core sonic aesthetic.



1. FUNERALS – Marae (kkoee’s Breath Edit) 

2. So Inagawa – Sofartogo 
3. Anja Schneider – Gimlet 
4. Spektre – Descent (Extended Mix) 
5. Lusine – Haze 
6. Lützenkirchen – One Night in Rio 
7. Dance Disorder – Metallic Italic (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix) 
8. Anthony Rother – Cinema 
9. Nguzunguzu – Water Bass Power 
10. FUNERALS – To the End 
11. Aerea Negrot – Todeloo 
12. AGF/Delay – Connection (CLP Remix) 
13. FUNERALS – Out There (Δaimon Remix)

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