A Different Perspective on Going to Shows

“It’s not our revolution unless we can dance.

Dancing is not a crime unless you live in AmeriKKK”

T-Shirt slogans at the 2003 Rave Act Protest by ROAR

There is something special that happens when that beat drops and its just you and the crowd. Its like all that shit that goes on out there in the world just washes away. It just can’t touch you for 3 or 4 hours. Thats why I get so hyped to dance. I think of dancing, DJ’in, VJ’in, going to shows as an explicit act of resistance against the norms of who society tells us we should be and should be doing. Don’t believe me, look at this video Mike Harmon Entertainment Studios put together for one of our biggest monthlies in Columbus: LeBOOM!

Do you think people are abiding by who society is telling them to be? Well maybe to some degree, but a new world is created in our community and at our shows. New futures are possible just by resisting the endless cycles of consuming and connectivity that really push us to be a certain people. No doubt there are other norms we follow by going to shows, but at least we are holding down our community, our scene, & our city. At least there is a possibility to find one of the most authentic versions of ourselves while interacting with people devoted to a shared love for the music and the culture.

In that way, I think of our act of going to shows and participating in our community as a positive act of community building that resists the cookie cutter version of ourselves that the world imposes on us. It fights against the atomization and alienation that we all face in society and gives us a place where we can be weird and be celebrated for it. As Hunter S. Thompson says, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”. We all know that we went Pro a long time ago. Tonight let’s celebrate each other,  our ability to come together, and create an inclusive community centered around bucking the norm. 

Make sure to support Kingpin, Dustin Knell, V.J. OZ, & Burgle at Circus tonight at:

Juicy: Return to OZ 

or Tony DeSaro, Aaron Austen, Evan Evolution tonight before Gareth Emery:

Or Fabyan, Hawstyle, Rocketnerd, Deutsche Mark, and other national dubstep/Drum N Bass acts at “Phenomenon” at Bernies:

(Sorry for those I did not provide any link info for. I couldn’t find it!!)

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