Trance Around Columbus

Last night Tony DeSaro, Aaron Austen, Evan Evolution, & Gareth Emery played the bluestone and brought the distinctive sounds of trance, progressive, and electro to Columbus.  For one night, we had these sounds, not often spun in Columbus, pummeling one of my favorite venues in the city.  Unfortunately, a prior engagement made me miss DeSaro, Austen, & Evolution’s sets. I was upset, because I had been looking forward to seeing these guys a lot, and didn’t know if Emery was going to bring the same energy as our local cats are known to. Often, this is the case as our local DJ’s are the highlight of many events where the headliner doesn’t bring the same vibrant enthusiasm for spinning. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised.  Emery DESTROYED the Bluestone with his dark, gorgeous trance/progressive/electro sound.

“On A Good Day” was the pinnacle of the set for me. Its my favorite track of his, and it was wonderfully placed after his originals “Into the Light” & “Sanctuary”. This led to an incredibly emotional ending to the set for me, as I was fully immersed in the music and people around me.  It epitomizes the beauty and love that was permeating through the crowd. There was just an amazing energy that the entire crowd was sharing, as we all experienced that moment together.

No doubt DeSaro, Austen, & Evolution had set up this moment for the crowd wonderfully by bringing everyone together and helping them emerge from their shell to become one community under the beat. Joey Pigg, a burgeoning local VJ, also had a hand in this as well. He brought us amazing imagery throughout the night that acted as the visual accompaniment on our sonic journey. It was these images, acting in unison with the beats, that I saw breaking down the barriers in peoples inhibition. 

People all around me were letting go and just losing themselves in the moment. Many people fear such letting go, as it is new and dangerous when you are so used to be rewarded for following any number of rules or paths that will lead you to “Success”. Yet, when you open yourself up to other ways of living it can be incredibly powerful. Last night was no exception. I saw people taking their first tentative dance steps towards release from their stresses and worries. I know I was able to lose myself in those moments in ways I had never been able to before. I had a truly special experience with everyone around me and celebrated with new and old friends alike.

No doubt this was faciliatated by the love I have been experiencing from all the people in our scene. People from every corner of our city have welcomed me with open arms and shown and taught me so much. I feel that love in our weeklies, monthlies, and in our huge superstar DJ sets.  I hope you see how creative, loving, and productive our scene is. We are reppin’ our city every time we hold a show, take a picture, create a video, produce a mix or song, or dance our hearts out. These acts, as I argued yesterday in my post calling us to reconsider the act of going to a show (READ HERE), build our community and bond us together!!! Let’s continue this process, rally around one another, and continue to remind everyone in our country why COLUMBUS is one of the INTEGRAL HUBS of EDM in the United States. It certainly was in the 1990’s and it is fast regaining that status today.

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