Track That Started It All: Network EDM

Its fitting that the Matt Cremean and Bryan Keller, the two masterminds behind networkEDM, are the first members of our community to partake in the Track That Started It All. They both have intricate historical narratives that led them to start spinnin’ tracks and promote our scene. Yet, like many of us, it all started with a single track. Let them tell you in their own words:

Matt Cremean

“I can go back all the way to the 80’s and tell you that Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence and KLF – 3am Eternal were probably the ground-breakers. I’m sure there were others, but those are the two that really stand out. If we move in to the 90’s, I enjoyed The Prodigy, Crystal Method; still wasn’t quite at fanatic-status as of yet.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine let me burn a copy of Paul Oakenfold – Tranceport that I became hooked. I had never heard anything quite like it, and I just couldn’t stop listening to it. The first night I had the CD, I drove around in my car for a solid half hour, aimlessly. I just wanted to listen to this music, loud and alone. And I did. I was, literally, in a trance. I finally took a break and met up with all my friends. I remember being completely relaxed, somber, perhaps even a bit disconnected from everyone. They asked me if I was high. I said, “No. It’s this music. It’s crazy…”

This is when the bug sunk it’s mandibles into my brain and stayed latched on. This was it; the jump off. I had always had a thing for electronic music, but this was a new level of awesome.

From then on, anything I could find that had Oakenfold’s name on it, I bought. I even followed up in the Tranceport series: Dave Ralph’s 2 disc set, Sandra Collins’ Tranceport 3, Max Graham’s Transport 4 (remember not liking it that much).

Looking back on it today, and now being able to more or less genre classify this music instead of just calling it “Techno” like n00bs of my generation did, Oakey introduced me to not just Trance, but Drum N Bass, House, Breaks… None of that was relevant at the time, I just knew I liked it. He was certainly a very integral part of molding my obsession.

Now, the track that started it all: I can remember even after moving on to other mix comps, I would still pop Tranceport in and skip right to track 10. My favorite track on the CD, and the one that started it all” 

Lost Tribe – Gamemaster:

Bryan Keller

“My track that started it all as far back as I can remember is most certainly Sin by Nine Inch Nails.  I started with this sort of industrial dance music and quickly discovered other forms of dance music of which included. Prodigy, Orbital, Oakenfold, Roni Size, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, etc.”

“My Sunday nights became consumed with staying up late to watch MTV’s electronic music show AMPED.  Ever since then, I’ve never put it down.  Electronic music has only taken a stronger hold on my life.  Once I met Matt Cremean, we started spending many nights in the Detroit clubs seeing all sorts of DJs we had been listening too for a while. We decided we were done watching from the sidelines and we were ready to show people our tastes in music. We both started putting together mixes and through that collaboration Network EDM was born.  I look forward to teaching my newborn twin sons about EDM and seeing where their tastes take them.”

If this doesn’t get you excited to go out and watch network spin then I don’t know what else would. These guys have been throwing down of late. This halloween mix up on their soundcloud shows the heat they bring readily:

If you want more of these insatiable grooves then make sure to check them out on December 27th at the Ohio Classic III in Dayton, OH at Therapy Cafe: (Facebook Details HERE)

or if you refuse to leave Columbus or just can’t get enough of these guys then make sure to attend the special New Years Eve Party at Circus with networkEDM, Carma & Attak, Burgle & Fabyan its sure to be a must-see show.

For more updates on features, show reviews, and miscellaneous nonsense pertaining to the Columbus EDM scene “Like” local Autonomy on facebook (HERE)


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