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As you have seen over the first two months of this blog, I am devoted to fostering the development of the Columbus electronic music scene, while also showcasing other people doing innovative creative things with fashion, food, and events around our city. True to my devotion to our electronic music scene, I think that our websites and blogs can be used to promote and celebration of OUR distinct sounds, stories, and history. I am not here to push the sounds and stories of huge, world reknowned DJs. There are exactly 4,367 blogs devoted to those DJs just in ohio alone (HAHA.. JK). Yes, these DJs create beautiful, innovative music, but everyone pushes their tracks. We all worship their releases and the ability to spin their tracks. BUT…

Who is promoting and celebrating the creativity and beauty coming our of our electronic music scene? Who celebrates the production and mixing work of our DJs who work day jobs and steal away time in their busy schedules to create events, tracks, and mixes that enliven both their and our lives? Who chronicles the history of where our scene has been in the past, where we are now, and where we are going in the future?  

I am, because I am strictly interested in helping to merge the disparate sounds and tribes of electronic music that exist in Columbus under the banner of one community. These connections and mutual respect already exist, but its time to push those connections to the next level. Let’s create a common story, merge generational divides, and develop a sound and community that is characteristic of the illustrious history of our scene. This ethos drove me to create the Track that Stated it All feature, which drops every monday, to highlight our stories of entry into this community. In this same spirit, I am starting the Our Scene, Our City, Our Sounds Mix Series, which will drop every wednesday to highlight to innovative work our local DJs are doing to create beautiful pieces of music for us to listen to. This will continue my local music spotlight under a different name and give it a definite day of the week when it will be released so you all can look for it.

Today, I am featuring DJ Push. This Columbus DJ is no stranger to the local scene, as he has been a fixture since the 90’s. His most recent mix ushers us into his world of house music, which many of us have little experience with. Yet, house music was the bedrock of the EDM scenes across the country in the 1990’s. Push’s mix highlights the power of house to get dance floors moving today. I think this mix is so important because it emphasizes one continual, changing beat-inspired adventure throughout the set. This is certainly a style that I love and really want to point out as special, because it provides one seamless story. Think about some of the better local shows you have attended, and I am sure you can point to a continual groove carrying you over that hourlong set to a new place you had never been before. This mix is no different. Push came with some of the hottest house tracks and use of filtering I have heard in awhile. Punch the ticket, take the ride, press play, and let DJ Push carry you away.

DJ PushPush Productions — “Mix for the Headz”

I love this entire mix for the undeniable mixing skills showcased throughout, but my favorite section of this mix starts at the 13 minute mark. At this point, Push grabbed me with the weaving of that manipulated looping groove with an indecipherable vocal sample that left me totally disoriented me. This type of cultural shock left me ill prepared for the bouncy beat that took over at the 15 minute mark.  I felt my feet tappin’ and didn’t think the walls around me could contain me. I was dead set on bouncin’ off the walls just like the beat was with my volume turned all the up on speaker system. Who says you can’t throw down in the office, in your bedroom, or on a street corner? I am known to dance to tunes I am listening to in all those places. No where did I dance harder in this mix than at the 23:40 minute mark when Push merged an undeniably funky house beat with these beautiful, euphoric synth chords. With the swirling beat holding down the backdrop, I floated out into the space opened up by theses chords and let their beauty envelop me. To say I was surprised by this section is an understatement. I keep on listening to it over and over. Even today a week after the mix was released I still sit calmly and let that section just drop down on me. Now don’t take my list of favorites as exhaustive. There are literally 100’s of moments of creative ingenuity in this mix. What’s your favorite part? 

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