Track of the Day: Burgle “Holding the Baby & No Computer Mix”

This just dropped wednesday and its straight hypnotic. Biggie would be nodded in agreement with the copious amounts of bass and straight dark rhythms exuding from this mix. The man lives by the Credo, “if it ain’t got bass then I ain’t really feelin it” and by the ten minute mark he is waging a full frontal blitzkrieg of bass aimed right at your dome. DO yourself a favor and get at this mix now. I have been spinning this OVER & OVER the past two days in between goin’ nutty on acid house.

If this got you excited for the Burgle then you gotta check him out later this month on December 29th at Doap, a new event he is starting at Rumba Cafe

And you best believe you gotta make it out to the livest NYE party in town at Circus where Burgle, Network EDM, Fayban, & Attak & Carma

Also, January 14th at the Newport Burgle will be playing with a ridiculous line up in at What Next Ohio. The first annual ohio electronic music showcase.



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