Track That Started It All: Kingpin

Kingpin is no stranger to Local Autonomy. I have been covering him for some time. Guy knows how to get a floor movin’, and his track selection is second to none. Yet, this is the first time we get an in depth look into the music journey that brought kingpin to the place he is in our scene today. Kingpin is the third installment of the Track that Started it All feature. Here is his story in his own words.

“For the purpose of this post, I have to really adamantly share 3 different songs.

First the song that got me into electronic music in general. I was very heavily into indie/emo rock throughout most of my high school days. But I was lucky enjoy to get some exposure into electronic music during this time as well. When I was 16, a friend gave me a copy of Aphex Twins first album “Selected Ambient Works 85-92.” This is considered one of the ground breaking works in the whole “ambient music” genre. Regardless, it was basically really good chill music to me. And it was a little weird, which at that point in my life anything a little weird I was into a bit. This album has pretty strong techno feel to me as I go back and listen to it as more knowledgeable member of the EDM genre. My favorite song on the album was and still is “Ageispolis”

I don’t really think I ever understood ambient music, even today after listening to it a lot. It’s just kind of weird music, but always been very enjoyable as “background/chill music for me.”

Secondly, I am going to share with you the song that got me interested in djing. I am frankly a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I became interested in DJing right at the time that mashups were starting to blow up on the internet circa 2006-2008 and Girl Talk was really huge. I remember being amazed the first time I listened to his mix album “The Night Ripper.” As it basically was taking every song I know from the radio growing up, throwing it into a blender, and turning out into a great big party. At this point in my life, I had started college and it was only in college I realized that I was waaaaaay more into music than most people were and I usually picked out the music to play at parties. After Girl Talk, I realized I really liked music that made people dance and I picked up djing shortly there after.”Bounce That” is probably my favorite “song” from Night Ripper. So peep that here.

And finally, the song that really sold me on EDM. Probably unlikely for some people, but not for me given my musical background. I grew up with hip hop via my older brother. I remember my friend Garrett telling me I needed to check out a “group” called MSTRKRFT. I did and I was immediately amazed with the high energy dance music paired up with some of my favorite rappers rapping over the beats. Beats that were much faster than traditional hip hop beats. 

“Bounce” was probably the biggest song on the album and the most catchy of them all. It was “Bounce” which really made me fall in love with electro music and thus EDM as as whole. I I luckily found out that MSTRKRFT was coming to Columbus a few months after getting into them, and to this day that show was one of the best music experiences of my life. I spent the rest of the summer after that show learning how to be a proper DJ who mixes tracks. And the rest was history.

You gotta be excited now to see or listen to Kingpin. You’re in luck. Kingpin is holding down a slot at the one year anniversary party on January 21st for one of our scenes most visible monthlies.: LeBOOM!.  For event details click the picture below:

And make sure to check out his soundcloud. One of my most recent favorite tracks of his was his Juke edit of Le Grand Zombi. Check that below:

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