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Magua started DJing in the Houston Area a few years back after falling in love with the exciting sounds of EDM, but has been a drummer and musician his whole life. When he brought his new passion back to Columbus, he exploded on the scene with his campus EDM monthly ColumBASS. Since then he has migrated to team up with My Best Friends Party and put on the biggest EDM weekly in Ohio, Thump. You can check out the details on Thump at their facebook event page HERE. Magua is actively playing shows around Ohio and always looking for new opportunities. 

Magua’s style isn’t limited to Dubstep, Electro, or any specific genre: he craves blending new, old, and different sounds together for a harmonious and floor-shaking grooves. He strives to bring something new to the table every day. Check him out on Facebook HERE.  Having been at the Juicy: Gobble show where Magua created this set, I could easily assure you that this was going to be straight fire. Luckily, Magua took this to the next level by remastering it and giving us a clean copy to remember that night by. I chose this as a selection for the Our City, Our Scene, Our Sound because it hits our core dark, bassy sonic aesthetic so perfect. Magua hits the electro for the first 20 minutes then takes us into the dark realms of his dubstep sound for the last 55 minutes. In my review of his Juicy Gobble set, I really pushed for how much I loved his electro section of the show. Yet, I thinks its important to now highlight the dubstep portion of his set as well. Magua knows dubstep and is not just spinning the tracks everyone knows. He is taking us deep into his bass-driven catalogue to give us an intimate look into what bass can do for dance floors.

My favorite section of his show is the last ten minutes when he absolutely destroys the dance floor with his track selection. His transition into Hot Mess’ “You See Me” is so on point, and he adroitly maneuvers directly into Liquid Stranger’s Bully. Man. You can’t get much better than that.

Magua – The Juicy Mixtape


Outside of this Juicy mixtape, Magua has been active puttin down tracks and more mixes for us in his den of solitude. I have been spinnin’ these two mashup tracks he put together a lot recently. The Wiz Khalifa & TC track is HUGE. Love the merging of hip-hop and bass beats. These are both available for download on his soundcloud. Get at It.

Wiz Khalifa & TC – Gangbang x Where’s My Money (Magua Mashup)

>Doctor P & DJ Fresh – Watch Out x Fight (Magua’s Juicy Mashup)

Winter Promo Mix

Just when you thought Magua was done, he releases a brand new winter promo mix for all of us the other day. This mix really explores the sexy nature of bass and gives you great opportunity to see Magua at his finest. Magua pulls together slow juke, bass, hip hop and upbeat dubstep together for a mix that will keep you moving but is so fresh. A diverse and moving drum line keeps this mix moving. I especially like the CDBL intro track “Back” Really sets off the mix on the right foot and shows the diversity in Magua’s track selection. I know I was bobbin’ my head from minute one! He even was kind enough to answer a few questions about this mix, his creative process, and what he has planned for the future:

LA: You have been so productive on putting out mixes and mash ups of late. What has driven your recent output?

MAGUA: I’ve been having a lot of ideas in my head and written down on paper, I just have had trouble finding to time to put things together. DJing is more than a hobby to me, but I work all day so that doesn’t leave me much time for new creations. Every month or so though, I will devote an entire weekend to music.

LA: I know you like to tell stories with your mixes. What story were you trying to tell with this mix?

MAGUA: This mix is sexy. These tracks are sexy because they are different, they are foreign, they are not what you are used to. Coupled with some sexy female vocals (Ciara, Aayilah, and others) and some serious bump-and-grind beats, this mix will set you up for a good night.

LA: Do you have any new productions that will be droppin’ anytime soon?

MAGUA: Nothing planned at the moment, I will be reworking some of my previous remixes and eventually releasing a 5-7 EP called Booty Dances Pt. 1. It will contain all these hip-hop remixes and mashups I have made as well as an original track or two. On top of that, I’ll still be pushing out some demos and live recordings when I get the chance. Follow me on soundcloud or facebook for updates!

Magua – Winter Babymaking Jamz

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