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1. Scntst – Highfield (Dunjinz Remix)
2.Dems – House (TWR72 Remix)
3. Casino Gold – Efflux
4. Myam Myam – Solidity
5. Wazabi – Shogun
6. Modek – Flip Flop
7. Dunjinz – Anowara (Dirty Current Remix)
8. Dunjinz – Troll (Doctr Remix)
9. Attaque – Sensor
10. Donovans – Rise & Fall
11. Clouds – Matter
12. Volta – Keyboard 47 (Dunjinz Remix)
13. Slap In The Bass – Goma
14. Burns & NT89 – Traffic
15. Sound of Stereo – Quartz (John Roman Remix)
16. Markus Lange – Bliss (Fat & Ugly Remix)
17. Rob De Large – Anger (Volta Remix)
18. Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Day (Sound of Stereo Remix)
19. Dunjinz – Orc (Ntology Remix)
20. Dunjinz – Orc (Monopunk Remix)
21. Sovnger – For My Dog (Dunjinz Remix)
22. Henzel & Disco Nova – Gimme 5
23. roeVy – Raum (Dunjinz Remix)
24. Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Vector
25. Eats Everything – The Size
26. Fur Coat & Argenis Brito – Space Ballad (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)
27. Worthy – Work It Work


Coming straight with an exclusive mix for Local Autonomy, Dunjinz’s gives us all a reminder why he is one of the tops in the city. His mixing is so on point, and he takes us on a sonic journey that reveal two new remixes.  These two remixes find Dunjinz’s reaching for new sounds and new modes of expression. He is reaching outside of his characteristic sound and playfully exploring minimal/ambient alongside more thrashy/hard techno styles, while staying true to his core sound. I commend him for such creativity. It is much harder to strain and find new directions to go when you are being rewarded for a certain aesthetic that you are being recognized for. Dunjinz’s reaching to find new sounds and new modes of expression is emblematic of the wider artistic processes many artists in our community are embroiled in at this very moment as they try to craft a new direction.

I find many parallels between our scene’s contemporary artistic strivings and the creative journey Mexican painter Diego Rivera’s went on to find his own artistic style. Rivera struggled to move beyond the distinctive genres and styles of his day. Interestingly, Rivera was celebrated by Picasso & the rest of the European art community for his cubist paintings.

Yet, Rivera wanted more than to just be like everyone else. He wanted his vision to stand out. Thus, he used his understandings of conventional artistic styles of the time to push beyond both traditional painting styles and cubism to find a new artistic style that was true to his homeland and new to the medium of painting. He found this new style in an instant on returning to Mexico after years of struggle in Europe. On finally finding this style Rivera exclaimed:

“The very first sketch I completed amazed me. It was actually good! From then on, I worked confidently and contentedly. Gone was the doubt and inner conflict that had tormented me in Europe. I painted as naturally as I breathed, spoke, or perspired. My syle was born as children are born, in a moment, except that this had come after a torturous pregnancy of Thirty-five years.”

RIvera’s new style went boldly in a new direction. He took elements from the European masters and melded it with the native Mexican art he grew up loving. This synthesis was revolutionary in its impact, but it took him much work to get there.

Like Rivera, Dunjinz and other artists in Columbus are on a path right now trying to find distinctive sounds. Yet, this may take us many years to find news sounds that will be new and innovative. Let us not deviate from this path and assimilate into the dominant genres of our time. Like Rivera, Let us forge forward and continue to learn from new artistic fields and find our voice that is true to our scene and our city.

Want more of Dunjinz? Hit him up on his Facebook for updates or his Soundcloud for more streaming audio.


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