Track That Started It All: Dunjinz

Dunjinz Week continues with his story of the Tracks That Started it All. I couldn’t do this story justice with my own words, but let him tell you himself:
“I believe that variety is the spice of life, so I cannot truly name one specific track that started it all, but rather a group of them that have shaped me as a listener and a producer. My first love was hip hop. Everything from Black Star or Slum Village to Ma$e or Notorious B.I.G. Was what I was blasting in my early years. Slum Village’s track, Fall in Love, was a simple but very well produced track by the, now legendary, Jay Dee (RIP) who was 1/3 of the group.The snare was what caught my ear and I became interested in how he got it to sound that way. So I picked up fruity loops and began learning how to produce.
Slum Village “Fall in Love”
My tastes quickly expanded to Drum ‘N’ Bass and I picked up a record by A Guy Called Gerald,  Essence. The title track from that record was stuck on repeat in my room for months!!! It has deep bass and classic drum samples that echo back to hip hop production, but the tempo was what really grabbed me. It was so chill, but so fast paced. Incredible stuff.I immersed myself in Drum ‘ N ‘ Bass from that point on and picked up Dieselboy’s  The Sixth Session CD. Invid (E-Sassin VIP) shifted my attention to raw power and chaos. It was that song that got me to be heavily interested in IDM artists like Aphex Twin & Squarepusher, and other DNB artists like Photek & Reid Speed (Before she went Dubstep).
Dieselboy “Invid”(E-Sassin VIP)
It was at this point that I started understanding quality song structure and pop sensibility and the 2 records that probably most define me as a producer dropped in the same year.
Daft Punk – Discovery & Basement Jaxx – Rooty. These albums remain my top 2 electronic music albums of all time & I doubt will ever move. From beginning to end, both albums are perfectly produced and I never get tired of them. I couldn’t even choose a favorite track from them, but the most played tracks from each are probably Something About Us and Do Your Thing, respectively. I always reference the aforementioned tracks while producing.”
Daft Punk “Something About Us”

Basement Jaxx “Do Your Thing”


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