Track That Started It All: FBK

For those of you who intently check this site, you know I have been delving into the deepest recesses of our scene to highlight ALL the sounds coming out of our city. This entails not privileging any specific genre as the “RIGHT” or “BEST” electronic sound. Rather, I am opening myself up to the diverse forms of expression that come from electronically produced music in our scene & city. Interestingly, anyone in Columbus who is interested in finding and cataloguing our sound will be instantly rewarded with a wellspring of sonic diversity. We have artists in Columbus and the surrounding cities devoted to so many genres that at times it is hard to stay updated.

This week I want to highlight the hypnotic sounds of FBK. This artist has been DJ’in in and around Columbus since the early 1990’s and has been creating music that is gaurenteed to make you sweat on the dancefloor. FBK is not that interested in pigeon-holding himself to one genre. Instead, he draws from all strands of music relevant to his his mission of creating dark, hard driving, & hypnotic music that will get your feet moving. This DJ/producer has had a prolific pruduction output for over 10 years,  started his own record label called Absoloop, & is still dedicated to throwing down a huge set to hold down our city.  He even has time for to produce with another Columbus Based producer/DJ Plural on a side project that have called The Fallen. (Check out all their tracks on their Soundcloud HERE). Yet, I feel few people in our scene aren’t aware of this cat.

The funny thing is that FBK isn’t just some local guy producing in obscurity either. He has been held down by some of the legends in the techno with support from Claude Young & Marcel Dettman both in live sets around the world and in compilation mixes. He also has been releasing his originals for some time on record labels all over the world. Its kinda ironic that we haven’t seen him spin more in our scene when he is respected by some of the biggest cats in techno in Europe and has played all over the country. Thus, I am to reintroduce him to all ya’ll as an important artist to know. I know I am proud to call him one of our own, as much as I am proud to rep all the rest of OUR people.

This week of coverage on FBK begins today with his story of the Track(s) that Started it all. It continues on wednesday with a mix of original productions w/ commentary from me. This week ends with an amazing exclusive interview where FBK discusses his history, how he got into DJ’in & production, the history of our scene, & his views about where we are going. Without further adieu, FBK’s track that started it all feature:

“Hm…for many of us, we remember having that ‘aha!’ moment where it became clear as to what we wanted to do. I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it was that I heard that made me really start….Was it “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock (with grandmaster DXT)?

Was it hearing “Planet Rock” while watching breakdancers at the Salesian Boys Club?

Was it hearing “Egypt Egypt” by Greg ‘the egyptian lover’ Broussard?

Well…yes..yes, and yes. However, the earliest memories I had as a child was hearing disco records played by my mother, who was a sometimes clubgoer…she was also a former singer, piano player and loves music to this day (my late father was also a singer and dancer). I remember feeling the power of music-it scared me, then enticed me. Throughout my life I’ve always loved music with energy to make you feel-whether that’s been ELP’s “Jerusalem” or the Smiths “I know it’s over.” I remember hearing ‘clear’ by Cybotron, and loving it. Then many years later, hearing LFO’s track “LFO” (which was just remastered by Warp)…and thinking “That’s it!”


If I had to say that there was a track, one track…that got me into DJing and producing…I would have to say it was “Peter Piper” by Run DMC.I had that same Bob James record (the opening track of the album ‘two’) and hearing Jam Master Jay do relays with it over an 808 beat made me want to do what he was doing. So there…an fifty dollar answer to a very short question!”

Run DMC “Peter Piper”

Bob James “Take Me to Mardi Gras”

You want more FBK? Make sure you Follow him on Soundcloud and on Facebook.

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