Seven Days Until What Next Ohio: Shin Tower Music

I am interrupting Local Autonomy’s regularly scheduled programming to bring you a week of starter kits and interviews devoted to getting you ready for the What Next Ohio Music Showcase (Facebook Details HERE). Say what? you don’t know how we do it in the Bus or how Ohio holds it down? Check out this video by Javan Barrett Hillard to get you up to speed on how we do.

What Next Ohio from Murderously on Vimeo.

For each day until the show on January 14th, I will be highlighting the work of one of the eight artists that is set to play, while also publishing an exclusive interview with Scott Niemet (the organizer of the event). I will provide streaming audio and interviews with each artist so you know what to expect come show time. One thing you will quickly find is that this showcase brings together all the diverse sounds of the Ohio electronic music family. From the deathly aggressive bass drops of Hot Mess and Dirty Current to the infectious grooves of Cassius Slay, the diversity of sounds will be a testament to the sonic exploration our Ohio scene is devoted to. From the erie, dreamy otherworldliness of Funerals, Textbeak, and Shin Tower Music to the bombastic bass & synth of Dustin Knell & Burgle. the seeming dissonance of all these different styles will be overcome in a flurry of harmony where the revolutionary act of experimenting with one another will place us all on the same page as one community.

This event is more than just another show. It is at once a statement and a question for where we will go next as a scene. I hope you can be apart of this next step, because its up to all of us to craft the scene in the way we want it. If our scene is flourishing and strong, its because the fans, dancers, writers, photographers, promoters, and DJs all made it their mission to hold down our scene, our city, & our sounds. If our scene is commercialized and co-opted, its because we did not take an active enough role in keeping our scene about the music and values these sounds embody for us. Our first step is this show. On January 14th, drop everything you are doing and celebrate with the rest of our community and begin to take the next step with the rest of us. We are the crafters of our own future, and for this reason it is vital that we all take this next step together.

The first act I will preview for you is Shin Tower Music. I had little exposure to this group until learning of this event, but after rigorous research of their soundcloud I have come to love this groups syrupy, experimental sound. To give you a little taste of some of the masterpieces that Shin Tower Music has created check out this track entitled “32 Feelings”

Shin Tower Music “32 Feelings”

The delicately manipulated loops of cacophony overlap one another and create a beautifully harmonious track that envelop you from this first hit of the manipulated vocal sample. I think this artists ability to take disparate sounds and create a beautiful narrative is really special. No where is this recycled beauty more on display then in the track “Real”

Shin Tower Music “Real”

The dreamy, smooth sound in this track is so evocative of the releases of classic ambient electronic artists like Brian Eno & Boards of Canada, but there is something distinctly different. Shin Tower music is not afraid to speed up the Beats Per Minute so that their tracks are dance-floor friendly. This is certainly special, because few releases like these can achieve such a feat. Thus, get ready folks. Shin Tower Music is going to take you on a gorgeous, melodic journey that will stretch your understanding of dance music in bold new directions. If you want to know more about the ideas behind the group and what is in store for you on January 14th here is an exclusive interview for you to check out:

LA: If someone who has never heard you spin, how would you describe your sound?

STM: Shin Tower Music as group tends to pull highly from a multi-ethnic/multi historical genre; to be as generic as I can, tastes of African and even Asian aesthetics collide with Kosmiche, D&B, and down-tempo.

LA: What does being apart of the Ohio Electronic Music scene mean to you?

STM: It’s an exciting time, I am finding that more artists are popping up then ever and everyone is very different than the other. We are just doing what we love to do. We are very fortunate that people appreciate and enjoy our work.

LA: What do you think about the What Next Ohio Music Showcase?

STM: Again, it’s exciting to see such a vast array of emerging musicians; none of them are the same. For years I have wanted to at least dj at a Sweatin because the vibe is always so right at those parties; people seem open to anything and are not bent on dancing to one style all night; it’s an anomaly in comparison to what I have found with most Columbus scenes. I don’t dj a ton because my style is slower and more sympathetic, and let’s face it, people don’t want to party hard to Cocteau Twin remixes. I feel Scotty has done quite well with this line up.

LA: What kinda set are you gonna play? Do you have any surprises in store for the crowd?

STM:  The Shin Tower Music we will bring is very different, we hope to bring one of the hardest sets we have ever played incorporating more live improvisation and fewer members. We will have Don Carlos from Ill Atmospherics on set with us. He is a maverick and will certainly amp up everything we will be doing..


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