Five Days Until What Next Ohio: Burgle

Fivveeeee Days left until Bedlam Ensues. Today the spotlight shines on a man that may make us all junkies of the juke this coming saturday. Its none other than Burgle himself. Now you may be asking yourself what is this burgle you speak of? Well, the legend himself provides the unenlightened a definition:

1. the act of climaxing and vomiting on someone at the same time. A surprise attack.

2. a collective noun for a grouping of bigfoot. “We’d just set up out campsite when a burgle of bigfoot came crashing through”

3. to loot or steal items from a home or other private place.

4. the DJ/Producer alias of Eric Byrd. A schizophrenic on the mixer,expect only the finest selections of dubstep/drumstep/dnb/house/juke

Coming straight with a wide spectrum of tempos and styles, Burgle will surely blow the top off the newport. I am getting word from the officials at promowest productions that they have put up extra buttresses to protect the architectural integrity of the building for his set. If you don’t want to take my word for it check this track “The Shit”.

Aggressive, hard-hitting bass is Burgle’s game and he plays it well. He knows just what to do to get you moving. I know his most recent track “Burgled” gets me going in a way few other tracks are capable off.

Comon’ it doesn’t get much better than that. The vocal manipulation and sequencing is top notch. I know I am hoping he Burgles the newport this saturday. Now in order to give you some background on Burgle, his views of the showcase, and what he has planned for the show here is a short exclusive interview with the Dj/Producer himself:

LA: If someone who has never heard you spin, how would you describe your sound?
B: A white boy that loves everything ghetto and massive bass.

LA:What does being apart of the Ohio Electronic Music scene mean to you?
B: It means you don’t have to move to a big city to be a part of a scene you enjoy

LA: What do you think about the What Next Ohio Music Showcase?
B: I think its an awesome way to take advantage of new talent in the city by combining all our fan bases and giving everyone something new

LA: What kinda set are you gonna play? Do you have any surprises in store for the crowd?
B: I’ll be playing an all Juke/Footwork set, and yes there will be surprise(s)

Want more Burgle before this saturday? Check out his Facebook & Soundcloud for more updates and exclusive tracks.


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