Four Days Until What Next Ohio: Textbeak

Four days until we all come together and a community, celebrate each other, & take that next step. Its got me feeling all utopian about the prospects of how we can produce the ideal image of our scene by pushing forth the right ideals. One reason I am feeling all excited is I will get to see Textbeak for the first time at this show. True to this excitement, I want to share with you my love for Textbeaks track selection, production, and DJ’ing so that you too can get pumped for his set. Ironically, these talents are all on display in a promo mix he made specifically for this event where he mixed together all the artists tracks playing this saturday:


Dustin Knell – (But You Don’t) Make Me Feel the Way
Burgle – Drug Dealin’
Childish Gambino – You See Me (Hot Mess Remix)
Dom & Roland – Can’t Punish Me (Hot Mess vs DIGIRAATII Bootleg)
FUNERALS – To the End >MARAE: Remixes
FUNERALS – MARAE (Goteki Remix) >MARAE: Remixes
Dunjinz – Anowara (Dirty Current Remix)
Dustin Knell – Track Masters
Shin Tower Music – 32 Feelings
Joie Noir – Cup Cup {Textbeak rmx ft Theway Peoplestare}
M83 – Midnight City (Cassius Slay Remix)
textbeak – dirty hed

Textbeak will be especially featuring  a recent remix ep from the U.K. artist CRIM3S. In the video below, Textbeak loves the track that floats in at the thirty second mark. The track features the characteristic exploration of a sonic universe that is far different from bass drops and synth explosions that make up much of popular dance music today. Yet, what Textbeak hopes to achieve by privileging this sound is equally impressive, as he is able to mold and mutate a rhythm and melody through many iterations of different dark universes.

CRIM3S Remix EP Promo from § on Vimeo.

Interestingly, what this video also shows is how artists like Textbeak are very interested in the imagery that comes along with sonic meditations. On this level, I think Textbeak will challenge us on a much deeper level, as he aims to come right at us and make us feel uncomfortable. By challenging the very fabric of what we call everyday life, we stand to gain much more than just a nice memory. Rather, we stand to gain a time period where we are able to critically analyze the constitution of social life as we know it. Isn’t that what we all need in a world where our actions become more and more habitual. Textbeak represents a break up to that monotony; a lightning bolt to the heart of the matrix.

If this ideological framing and Textbeak’s track selection didn’t convince you well lets delve into more of Textbeak’s catalogue to see what he spins. One nice thing about Textbeak is his prolific mixtape production. The guy is always putting together new mixes from a diversity of influences and always adds his special touches. Take this mix he did called COVENFVCK Part 1.

The same exploration and experimentation you see in his track selection is highlighted in this mix. In fact, this goes to the core of who textbeak is as an artist. Yet, I cannot describe him, his views on What Next Ohio, or what he has planned for you on saturday as well as he can. So I will let him do it for me:


LA: If someone who has never heard you spin, how would you describe your sound?

TXTBK: Genre blasting ;> I basically try to work within tempo chunks and then develop small connections therein. Basically, I realize that most musical styles and genres are very similar and draw connections from each other (classic industrial, post-punk, witch house, techno, experimental, rap, darkwave, indie, etc. etc.) so just playing off those connections is what I do when I mix. Matter is never created or destroyed, it just changes form…to make something new, you have to combine unlike(?) items into something new. In this way, certain connections between tracks develop that bittersweet melange in your mind.

LA: What does being apart of the Ohio Electronic Music scene mean to you?

TXTBK: Well, the Ohio electronic scene has been a very odd musical scene for a long time. I remember when my friends Todd Sines, Lucas Kuzma (Claus Muzak), and Rob Nagy (Voctave) went to see Nocturnal Emissions and bought 10-Speed Guillotine ‘Laptop Appetizers’ tapes at the show. We were all mind blown. We couldn’t believe this kind ov musick (sic) was happening in Ohio.  

Todd and I eventually moved to Columbus and started the group Body Release with Charles Noel (Archetype) and Titonton Duvante. We were so thrilled to actually get to play shows with 10-Speed Guillotine. I think the biggest problem with the scene is how it has been splintered it is into little micro-scenes. I think it’s such an exciting time right now that things are coming back together into all kinds of unusual combinations. The possibilities seem endless and the strange new underground seems to be coming together quite nicely.

I seriously respect Scotty Niemet (Sweatin / KVLT) for his determination and understanding of good music and the connections between the different scenes. His events are integral to Columbus’ growing music community and he really sets the pace for pushing the boundaries of what can be done with an event.

LA: What do you think about the What Next Ohio Music Showcase?

TXTBK: This is a prime example of what I am talking about. Scotty is taking his vision to the next level with an event of this scale. I love the variety of different artists that are being featured on the 14th. I’ve never performed at The Newport before, but I have seen some amazing acts play there including Skinny Puppy, Tricky, Nitzer Ebb, and Pigface. I am sooo excited to spin set on that soundsystem and stage.

LA: What kinda set are you gonna play? Do you have any surprises in store for the crowd?

TXTBK: Definitely gonna have some surprises! I try to always play a shocking set above all. “Beauty should be convulsive or not at all.” As a DJ it’s always a fine line between playing for yourself and playing for the crowd. I feel it’s important to feature tracks that should be exposed and are totally new and cutting edge/mindblowing, but also in a club format, as apposed to with a mixtape or radio broadcast, you have to maintain energy and not completely lose the listener. I’m def not talking about dumbing down a playlist, but more about focusing the intensity of what tracks I choose play. My mixtapes and shows are meant to be more of a listening experience. When I spin a set in a club, it’s gonna definitely be more jarring, intense, and interactive. I have some new promos that I can’t wait to unleash on a soundsystem. The new CRIM3S remixes on BLACK BVS RECORDS are absolutely sick. I’m also totally diggin the new cover of ‘I Wanted to Tell Her’ by Holy Ghost featuring Nancy Wang from LCD Soundsystem.

I did a screw/drag edit last year of the original Ministry song and since the original was from Ministry’s first album ‘With Sympathy’, I decided I should call my version ‘I Wanted 2 Screw H3r (TXTBK’s Industrial Witch Symphony)’ 2b punny LOL.

Also be bringing some Teams, Kkoee, VALIS, Strange Powers, MASCARA, //TENSE//, Crossover, and Death Coast, with me plus some def old favs ;>

You want more Textbeak? Check out his Radio show HERE, or his facebook HERE for all his mixes, tracks, and updates.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning 10-Speed Guillotine! We had a LOT of fun playing with you guys back in the day. We knew we were playing with very talented people who respected and loved the music as much as we did!

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