Three Days Until What Next Ohio: Dirty Current

Last time Dirty Current hit the newport stage they put down one of the best sets of the night. This performance aims to be nothing short of the same raucous, insane time that it was last time. As they say in their Track “Anubis” “This is Not a Game”.

Their show at What Next Ohio is certainly going to take the game to the next level. Their infusion of electro house, techno, & bass sounds is the infectious, delirium inducing treat we all need to showcase our scene on Saturday night. If their most recent remix of Dunjinz’s track “Anowara” is any indication of what we are in for then the pure, unbridled energy of Dirty Current may be like so many live wires that present danger, but also the opportunity for adventure.

Beyond this, I think there is great capacity for Dirty Current to go to sonic locales they are not able to outside of Scott Niemet’s KLVT parties.

If you listen closely to their KLVT mix they put together, it is easy to understand how this performance by Dirty Current stands to be one of their most complete expressions of their sound to date. They will be able to explore both the exuberance of their hard edge sound and the dark ethereal expanses within the same set. This has seldom been possible for this two music aficionados. I know I am certainly excited for what this set brings. Not shockingly, they are too, as both Conner & Marko provided interviews for this starter Kit. I will present their answers just like they DJ, side by side.

LA: If someone who has never heard you spin, how would you describe your sound?

C: I’d say that it completely depends on the party we’re playing. We could play a big sweaty party like Le Boom and play some dark & aggressive hard-hitting electro, but then for something like Sweatin we’d be ready to throw down a more well-rounded and dancey set. I like to think that we’re versatile, which a DJ probably should be if they actually want to play more than one kind of party. I don’t think I’m sure how I would describe the sound of our production though. I guess I would say it sounds dirty. And current.

M: I just spin the tunes I like, which I tend to be very picky about. You can be sure to expect lots of bassline-focused stuff and always a few surprises towards the end. I’m also a big fan of unorthodox openers

LA: What does being apart of the Ohio Electronic Music scene mean to you?

C: It’s fun. I get to meet some super-talented people, make great friends, and force my musical tastes onto others when we get to play out. And it’s pretty cool to feel like part of a growing scene.

M: I feel extremely lucky to live here and be around so much talent that’s actually accessible in terms of meeting people – I started producing due to encouragement from acts like Digiraatii and Hot Mess early on, and beyond that it was incredibly inspiring to watch them and others grow and mature which I think really paved a path for a lot of other local talent. For that I feel really lucky and grateful. It’s an incredible honor to be able to contribute to a growing scene that seems to raise the bar year after year with better and better acts popping up all the time – and of course the amazing promoters that breath life into it all. It would be impossible to do it without them.

LA: What do you think about the What Next Ohio Music Showcase?

C: It’s an awesome idea and the right step forward for the Columbus electronic music scene. Scotty always throws the best parties and has outdone himself once again. A year ago, I don’t think I would have ever expected to see local DJs get to spin on stage at the Newport.
It’s such a great, diverse lineup, too. It’s definitely going to vary from what people are used to hearing at Columbus EDM parties, and that’s exactly what the scene needs – something new that will hopefully stimulate people’s minds in a different way.
I’m really pumped to see Mike Textbeak and Funerals play to this crowd. Anyone that hasn’t seem them play at one of Scotty’s KVLT parties is in for a treat. Also, Dustin Knell is playing! It’s going to rule.

M: I think it’s a great idea! We should focus more on thinking forward in terms of how we can express ourselves and try to be bold enough to shape our own sounds instead of limiting ourselves to the constraints of popular genres. There are a number of amazing acts that I think should have made the bill, and maybe if this one goes off they can be represented in full next time.

LA: What kinda set are you gonna play? Do you have any surprises in store for the crowd?

C: I’m gonna get a little weird with it.. gonna throw in some industrial, Birmingham techno, and chopped & screwed.. it’s gonna be sweet.

M: I’m going to play a lot of minimal-bass heavy electro. I feel that most beatport top 100 electro borrows too heavily from dubstep in terms of composition. I like a repetitive and driving bassline like you would find in a fukkk offf tune or something similar; something that really grounds the genre in a sound that can’t be accomplished if the four isn’t on the floor. Too much modern electro just sounds like it wishes it was a dubstep tune to me. I’m also a big fan of rock n’ roll style electro (I’m talking china cymbals and all) and, yeah, you can always bet I’ll have some surprises in store.

Want more Dirty Current? Get at their Facebook HERE and their Soundcloud HERE for all updates and tracks.


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