One Day Until What Next Ohio: Hot Mess

“Welcome to the Resistance”

Remember this Hot Mess mix? I sure do. It defines my entry into the Columbus electronic music scene, and is emblematic of the rise of a whole new generation of fans quickly learning different variants of Columbus dance music through parties at Fort Rapids and all over the city. One year later and we sit one day away from the first annual Ohio music showcase.This is a perfect time for me to wax poetic and start thinking about what tomorrow means. This is more than just another show, as I have said before. This is our next step. What are we going to do in the next year or five years that will be remembered when we are long gone. This means we need to continue to push the envelope with our music, events, & coverage so that the rest of the country knows how we do. We all believe in our scene and our capacity to make Columbus great, its time for us to let everyone else know it. This event is a testament to these ideas and goals, as the interwebs are alive with Buckeye envy as one person called it. That is right people are jealous they don’t get to be in our scene.

While this event is pushing the envelope, Hot Mess is boldly taking the next step in their career. They have a new ep coming out on Heavy Artillery Records on January 31st. Coming correct with a an  preview for all of us, Hot Mess’s No Requests EP displays the maturation of these artists unique contribution to the genre of dubstep. An artistic achievement of this type is the product of many hours in the studio and in careful listening to the sounds around them. I hear many of the common influences those led by bass driven sounds often cite, but Hot Mess offers a new synthesis of the dub sound that is sure to set the dance floors of the Newport on fire. I for one am definitely going to pick up their ep the minute it comes out.

No Requests EP Sampler

I would also be a complete fool if I didn’t also give you the chance to hear their remix of Childish Gambino’s “You See Me”. This track is huge, and is available for free download on their soundcloud, or right below on my stream I offer for you.

“You See Me” (Hot Mess Remix)

Check these stats: Over 10,000 streams and 1400 downloads on this track on their soundcloud alone. Thats not even counting the 100 times I have played this track since they released it. Now thats impressive. If all this information didn’t get you hyped for their set, then how about some exclusive interview responses from Corey & Keith?

LA: If someone who has never heard you spin, how would you describe your sound?
Keith: A party, everyone’s invited!
Corey: The guilty pleasure of music…

LA: What does being apart of the Ohio Electronic Music scene mean to you?
Corey: It means a lot. I have been apart of this for longer than I’d like to admit, haha… To still be apart of it, throughout the evolution, is truly an honor.
Keith: It means Im from Ohio and I love making edm, always nice to see the scene become more and more receptive.

LA: What do you think about the What Next Ohio Music Showcase?
Keith: It’s gonna be a great night, good exposure for a lot of great Columbus artists at a great venue.
Corey: I think it’s going to be a proper showcase of what this city, and state, have to offer. In my opinion, there is no better place to hold this event than at the staple music venue of Columbus, Ohio… The Newport.

LA: What kinda set are you gonna play? Do you have any surprises in store for the crowd?
Corey: A beautiful, massacre of music. Every set is a surprise, even to us.
Keith: With the name Hot Mess, I always intend to lead by example, expect nothing less. And of course, we’re always full of surprises.

You liken yourself a hot mess or just need more affinity to these two CBUS Bassheads like them on FACEBOOK and Follow them on SOUNDCLOUD for all their new tracks and updates.


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