Track That Started It All: Plural

This week is devoted to another cat trying to hold down the Columbus Techno tradition and push it in exciting new directions. Plural is a guy that doesn’t get a lot of attention in our scene, but has been quietly destroying release after release since he started producing in 2000. I just picked up his 2011 EP Emotional Conflict from UK label Audio Textures Recordings and it was absolutely bonkers. It was straight-laced, rhythm centered techno that hits his core sound, which descends from his love of the exploratory work that came out of detroit over the last three decades. The fact Plural was released on Audio Texture Recordings, run by Kevin Collier and his distribution group, says a lot since this label has been putting out techno recordings since 1999 and has had the reputation of only releasing the finest in techno releases from around the world.

In addition to this releases, Plural was also given the privilege of releasing a vinyl only ep on German label Separate Skills called “In Darkness”, which you can hear streams of on the labels website HERE. I mean these tracks are amazing. They have a subtle gentleness to them that just floats over the top of you until that beat hits and drives you insane. This is characteristic of Plural releases, as he loves to play with the atmospheres behind his rhythms. It gives his releases an otherworldly feel.

What’s funny is that most people would be happy with the release of two eps of all original material within a year. Not Plural. The dude doesn’t know when to stop. He is a tireless producer that is always trying to take his game to the next level. If you have any doubts to this just check out his soundcloud HERE. He has put up FOUR HUGE tracks within the past month alone. Yet, this is no surprise, because prolific productivity has always been a bedrock of value of Columbus Techno artists. Whether it was Todd Sine, Archtype aka Charles Noel, or Titonton aka Titonton Duvante, or other artists from Columbus’ ele_mental group, new material was always being shared, played, and created in Columbus. Artists like Plural and another Local Autonomy favorite FBK carry on that tradition for Columbus and keep this spirit of competition and creativity alive and well. I don’t think its a coincidence that both have been posting a lot of tracks over the past few months. These two are definitely in a long artistic conversation both individually and in their new musical collaboration called The Fallen. Its special that we get to witness this first hand through soundcloud, as they both flaunt their unique styles.

We begin Plural’s week on Local Autonomy with his story of the track that started it all. Though short, this story places Plurals artistic origin squarely within the detroit tradition of techno that has influenced him so strongly throughout his life. In particular, the work of legendary artist claude young really stands out to Plural, but I will let him tell you himself:

“I heard the track that started it all for me at a party in Dayton held by the foundational group the Illuminators. I walked into this room and I was looking around wondering why isn’t anyone dancing? Why is everyone crowed up by the DJ booth? This guy was killing doubles of this track
by DBX called Losing Control.

DBX “Losing Control”

I was like that track is the sh**. I asked someone,”who is this guy rocking it like that?”. He says to me Claude Young! That track became a main reason I started to love electronic music, and Claude of course became an instant idol to me. He still is my idol to this day. Loosing Control is Timeless!”

Guess what? Plural has an exclusive mix coming out for Local Autonomy on Wednesday for the OUR SCENE | OUR CITY | OUR SOUND Mix Series so you can dabble in his talents. You best not sleep on this, as he is a SEASONED DJ that brings serious talents to the decks. If that wasn’t enough he also has an EP called “Lost In Thought” coming out on upstart UK label Orange82 on January 26th, which I will be discussing more on Wednesday. In the mean time though, here is a little taste of what that EP is gonna bring you with a track from the release called “The Way”:

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