Our Scene | Our City | Our Sound: Plural “No Time to Breath”

Plural — “No Time to Breath”

(Click the jump to get at Plural’s mixcloud stream of the mix) Well, its wednesday again and we have another addition to the Our Scene | Our City | Our Sound Mix series. Plural was nice enough to lay down an exclusive mix for Local Autonomy this week, which shows his characteristic sound. Atmospheric, dark, aggressive, and exploratory are only a few of the directions that Plural explores when he is on the decks.  For Plural, these are more than just artistic directions. They are expressions of his mood. They are expressions what he is going through. Beyond this, there are a few points in this mix that really highlight Plural’s skill. Namely, Plural’s spacey grooves, how hard he goes, and the smoothness of the transitions .

Plural eases us into this mix with a spacey track that make us feel that we are floating around in the deep expanses of the final frontier. The tempo slows and the volume is brought back and we are left with Plural’s trademark atmospheric sounds. We are floating around in zero gravity while Plural provides the soundtrack.  I love this type of exploration because it shows how he is not afraid to draw on various genres of music and is comfortable with breaking the formulaic model of going hard from jump street. This is quickly changed once the beat hit.

THUMP THUMP THUMP goes the sound of the hard hitting techno bass. You think some of our modern genres go hard? Before electro house or dubstep were even a thought, murky, aggressive techno beats had been destroying dance floors for over two decades.  Turn this mix up to high and let that beat wash over you. There is no escape from Plural’s undulating assault on your speakers. His desire to take you into another world is resolute, and the only thing that changes in this mix is his tools of attack. In this way, Plural is deeply connected to the Detroit school of Techno who thought of the tracks that they spin as instruments that were a jumping point to tell THEIR story. Plural is no different. He doesn’t just spin track to track. He manipulates the tracks he plays and plays doubles so he can continually jump back in time to past moments of a track he is playing with. Through this, Plural has created a piece of art that moves from the past, present, & future all at the same time. Thus, this certainly isn’t just some average mix of tracks an artist has been diggin’. This is the product of years of listening and creating music. What results is a testament to the craftsmanship tradition of mixmaking that Plural was brought up in where a cornucopia of tracks are given new life through his vision.

Finally, one of the sure fire signs of Plural’s skill is in his transitions. They are smoooooth and offer up new interpretations of the synthesis of moving from one sound to the next. Throughout this mix, we are given the ability to see so many examples of Plural’s live mixing ability. They are so smooth you don’t often even realize the beat or melody has changed until the new track is already on you. Its for this reason that I have been waiting to see Plural live since I started listening to his production work. I can only imagine what it would be like to see Plural at work behind the decks. Couple this ability with some of his amazing production work and the fireworks are bound to pop off. Do you wonder what Plural would do with the new material thats getting dropped on his Lost In Thought EP from Orange 82?

I do. Specifically,  It would amazing to see what he does with the pulsing rhythm of his track “The Way” and what connections he would make to other tracks from the contemporary and past era.

You like this mix? Well head on over to Plural’s SOUNDCLOUD for all his recent work. There are four new tracks that have been uploaded within the last month alone. Also, like Plural on his FACEBOOK for all the updates on the goings on.

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