Leboom 2.1: No External Validation Required

The more I learn about Columbus dance music history the more I learn that it is the people devoted to the music and building the community that actually get things done. When we needed to build a scene again in the early 2000’s who did it? Individuals and groups of people left their underground house parties and took to some clubs. It wasn’t that they sought the legitimacy of the clubs as some statement for the viability of the music. Quite differently, it was just a move that had to be done at the time to keep the parties going. The lesson I cull from this integral moment in Columbus dance music history is that we don’t need any external validation. We don’t need big clubs or big press. We just need each other, some speakers, and a room. Our scene was built on crafting innovative events that coupled the best in local talent with some of the best acts from around the world. It was built on creating our own media apparatus with radio, blogs, and press. It was built on not giving a fuck what the rest of town or the world thought and holding down our city.

With this second year of LeBoom, we are pushing the boundaries and looking to continue our rise to the top of the dance music world. This show curated by My Best Friends Party is a testament to our collective attitude and our desire to continue to take that next step, and the line up shows that with the best in local and international talent on one stage. My only hope is that we aren’t just happy to be on stage with autoerotique, but that we try to show our neighbors from Up North what we are all about. Let me give you some highlights with what you are bought to witness, because its gonna pop off tonight with some dubstep, moombah, & new school techno. My hope is that you show up early and fill that dancefloor for all the artists at work. Its the ultimate sign of scene commitment and respect. Here’s the run down to preview tonight:


He’s gonna give you his same genre defying set that sets the dancefloor on fire. Word on the street is that he is really gonna focus on Moombah and dubstep to give you the perfect start to your evening and get you warmed up just right. His Moombah/dub styles are on full display in this mix he just created within the last month. Check it:
“Return of the Stache Jackson”

And You know there is a strong possibility he is going to play his Moombahtechno edit of Gesaffelstein’s “OPR”


If Kingpin doesn’t draw you in early then these two scene heavyweights are bound to get you to Skully’s right when the doors open. The sets they have been throwing down of late individually and collectively have been absolutely bonkers. I can’t even tell you the insanity that happens when these to dub aficionados get at the helm. If you don’t believe me then listen to this mix from Thump this past week when Carma Shook Circus to its core foundation. You add a little bit of that ATTAK into the mix and it makes for explosive combination. TNT doesn’t even come close to this duo.

“Down For Whatever”


You curious what happens when a guy has been DOING WORK and blowing up production-wise and then is unleashed on a crowd for the first time in over two months? UHH, I am. If you have been asleep or away for a minute then you haven’t seen Dunjinz blowing up over the past couple months. Dude’s production game is AIR TIGHT and now he gets a chance to play all these choice tracks he has been creating in his beat laboratory. With support from almost the entirety of the new school of techno in europe, this guy has knocked out track after track after track. Here’s just a few he has laid down in the last few months:

Roby Howler & Teenage Mutants feat. Sunko – Qerto Lonty (Dunjinz Remix)

roeVy — “Raum” (Dunjinz remix)

Volta – Keyboard 47 (Dunjinz Remix)

You curious about how he sounds in the mix, well you’re in luck. The guy comes correct on his exclusive mix for Local Autonomy:

Our Scene | Our City | Our Sound Mix


Do I really need to introduce these titans of Columbus dark, driving techno/ electro house sound? If you don’t know them yet, then you should check out this video of what happens when they play live done by one of our favorite videographers Mike Harmon:

Bedlam, chaos, & mayhem are the only results to a roeVy set in skully’s. If that video doesn’t convince you check out their  “Demons EP”, which features four heart stopping originals:

Like Dunjinz, roeVy have been supported widely all over the globe and have helped put our scenes creativity and strength on display for the entire world to see. EVERY show they play proves this point over and over again. Tonight will be no different.


Though I am pretty high on our local scene, these two toronto based DJs certainly have my respect. Coming off their seminal EPs “The Gladiator” & “The Freak” these DJ duo has not slowed down. They have only picked up the speed and intensity of their tracks and work ethic. This has made them one of the hottest and most sought after DJ acts in the world. They are sure to set Skully’s on fire after 1 am. Check these classic autoerotique tracks to get a taste for what they will play tonight:

Turn Up The Volume

Gladiator (Excuse the video, Some Clowns don’t get Youtube)

If this run down didn’t get you pumped I don’t know what will. At this moment, I am fist pumping and moshing around by myself in a coffee shop somewhere in Columbus. People are staring, but I really don’t care because I got the beats flowing into my headphones. You best be doing the same tonight. You need more details? I got you. Just click on the event poster above! Remember get their early and support all the artists.


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