The Future of Local Autonomy: Education & Scene History

Well after a month of interviews, mixes, and features, I need to reload. I got some great stuff coming your way from the likes of Jason Lyman, Midislut, TEXTBEAK, FreeWater, & Magua. I am going to continue to let the people in our scene education us on our distant and not so distant past. For some, you may know all this, but for others still needing education (like me) you will be given the ability to continue to learn the importance of Columbus in Dance music history.

Pointedly, the goal of this continued interview project is to take people’s oral histories and make them available for everyone to learn from. This is obviously very important, as we have a huge influx of new fans coming to our shows. For me, I feel its important for all of to know our history so that these new fans can broadly appreciate everything we have to offer in town. Furthermore, I want them to believe, like we do, how special we are and they don’t need to go anywhere else to be part of the avant garde of dance music. Its going on right here, right now.

Beyond that, I am actively trying to compile our history so the world knows our special place in dance music history and we don’t ever have to prove to anyone again that we aren’t some random city in the middle of fields. A lot has been written on Chicago and Detroit, but there was obviously something special going on in our city as well. Thus, I think this story needs to be written so our place in history cannot be denied. At this point, I have some general questions I am trying to wrap my mind around through my interviews and great discussions with all you out there in our scene. You can think of these as my basic research questions.

How important was Columbus to Dance music scenes around the country and world?

What is the continuity between the Columbus dance music scene from 1980’s, 1990’s, and 2000’s? What ideas, venues, people, music has always existed here?

What specific music advancements did we make throughout our history? In short, where did we advance dance music?

Who were the main crews across this time period and how did these individual crews pop up? How did ele_mental, Ohio Stand Up, My Best Friends Party, Quality, Push Productions, Winter Sun, Synduced nightlight, prime social group start? How do they interact?

What were the main moments of progression and decline in columbus dance music since the 1980’s?

Where did the columbus dance music scene start?

What were the genres that really blew up here and how did that relate to a core sound that has always permeated through Columbus?

But for a minute I am gonna take a breath and back off the feverish pace. You might think this means I am going dormant. Quite the contrary, behind the scenes I am reading about our history, talking to people, and listening to the artists that make up our sonic landscape. Nope, you are not getting rid of me yet. I will just be focusing more on highlighting the wealth of originals/ mixes and events we got going on until my coffer of interviews and mixes gets filled back up and ready for mass release.


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