Our Scene | Our City | Our Sound Mix Series: Midislut “Mindfluid 19”

How many of you are hip to Michael Poe’s Midislut Project? Well, it dates back to the middle of the 1990’s when Poe was searching for ways to give voice to the sonic textures that accompanied his everyday reality. In those days, Poe was one of the few artists dabbling in ambient sound. Yet, that wasn’t the reason he was so embraced by the city. It was because of his amazing music synthesis of diverse styles exemplified through his mixtape projects and live performances. His mid 1990s mixes “Ambiento” and “Project Blossom” were densely layered musical explorations that took people to places they hadn’t been before. They represented a unique creation that exposed people in Columbus to ambient music in new exciting ways by merging the styles of Kraftwerk, the Orb, & Skinny Puppy into one new sound.

Quickly building on the success of these two underground hits, Poe began playing out at clubs and underground parties all over town. He was exposed to the hotbed of House and Techno that existed all over our cities parties and clubs in the 1990’s. This seminal period of artistic development influenced him to start the mindfluid project. With mindfluid, poe sought to to continue his synthesis of the different styles. This time he sought to find the ways that techno, house, and his previous ambient stylings could coexist in one mix. These mixes were a resounding success, as Poe was able to merge all these styles into a new sound that set dance floors on fire.

Mindfluid is now in its 19th iteration and Poe has greatly expanded the artistic statements he can make by playing with the peaks and valleys of the genres techno, house, & ambient. Take this mix for instance, he adroitly weaves the listener through different tempos, feelings, and grooves while effortlessly transplating the listener through a carefully curated sonic landscape. This mix specifically shows Poe is no slouch behind the decks. He understands how to craft a mix and he is meticulous in its creation and execution.

One of the key things that highlights midislut’s expertise is his progression through techno, house, & ambient styles and the moments where all these genres come together. Notably, I love how midislut starts you off with uplifting house classics for the first half of the mix to get you vibin’ and then starts choppin’ and screwing these classics until they are whole new creations. Then he abruptly drops you into his experimental universe where atmospheric techno comes at you in waves. Case in point, minute mark 50:00 a slow developing hypnotic melody begins to creep in through the background of the pulsing rhythm. Were you ready for it? I wasn’t, but as soon as it hit I couldn’t deny it. Poe has reached the moment where he has synthesized techno, house, and ambient styles. The result is an infectious groove that is slightly obscured by dense layers of atmosphere that fog out its pristine expression. The vocal sample comes in and utters “I’ve got to get away” Yet, there is no escape. This is Poe’s sonic universe and we are just along for the crazy ride.

Want more Midislut? Well you are in luck. Poe, Jeff Pons, and Jason Lyman are spinning at this months Quality on Saturday, February 4th (EVENT DETAILS HERE).  Want more mixes? Again, you are in luck. There are two more streaming on his soundcloud HERE. Also, look out for his interview this friday where he delves into his history in Columbus and talks about his creative process. He is even going to give you a little info on what he is bringing on february 4th.

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