Plural “Lost In Thought EP”

If its not obvious yet I like techno, but not any track that comes down the pipeline. I like exploratory, dark, driving techno that makes me question my fundamental understanding of what the genre is and reshapes it in a new form. Luckily, upstart UK label Orange82 has the same ideals when it comes to deciding what they release. Thus, it was no surprise that they decided to put out an EP of one of my favorite Techno innovators; columbus-based Plural. What makes this situation even sweeter is that Plural’s Lost in Thought EP was released TODAY!!

Plural’s Lost In Thought EP meets all my requirements for good techno and exceeds them in dramatic, exciting ways. With this EP, Plural shapes four swirling, modulating tracks that are driven by a deep, dramatic bass kick. Each track is wonderfully augmented by Plural’s trademark atmospheric explorations that adds dense layers to the tracks and keeps them mutating and evolving over the 6-8 minutes the truck is running. Make no mistake, Plural has crafted a work of art that will keep you comin’ back for years to come just to get a taste of these tracks rhythms.

If you care about reppin’ Columbus techno pick up this release TODAY!! This ep is absolutely nuts. You can pick it up on itunes HERE. OH and you can see Plural on the decks at March’s TAG event spinning in a tag team set with drum n bass/techno mainstay 9star. Event details HERE. Make sure you also check out Orange82 on facebook and “Like” there page HERE for all the up to date release details on their artists like Plural & FBK.


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