roeVy “Demons Remix EP”

If the dark visuals and the other-worldly remixes present in this video don’t get you amped then I just don’t know what will. Well, maybe a few words from me will help. This video captures the world of roeVy incredibly well, but what is more interesting is these artists takes on the roeVy sound. Specifically, I am interested in Dunjinz track because he is one of OUR own. The other remixes are obviously choice, as they are from big hitters across the techno and electro landscape, but I would be going outside my core mission if I did not focus on the creative reinterpretation Dunjinz provides on this track.

Dunjinz points out that his remix of “Raum” is emblematic of his shift in music production. If this is the case then I am excited to see what this guy has in store for us. I love this sound, as it connects to his albion and anowara sound, but is continually connecting to the currents of newer Berlin techno. His use of silence, drops, and pulsing rhythm is so on point and makes this reinterpretation of the original distinctively Dunjinz in its sound. Yet, he is still true to the dark, etheral nature of the roeVy sound. In this way, I see a beautiful connection between the roeVy and dunjinz sound. You don’t believe me? Check out the original “Raum”

The same anarchy and chaos that exudes in the original is present in both of these tracks. The same devotion to holding down Columbus’ dark, driving techno roots through a new sonic pallette is expressed. In this way, I see natural connections between this newer generation of producers and the current techno production work of the Old School of Columbus techno Producers FBK, Plural, Todd Sines, Body Release, Archetype. Both are devoted to radical experimentation in the synthesis of diverse sounds, which I find incredibly refreshing.

Need this ep now? Well, here is your opportunity! Its Right HERE. Go Get it NOW! Don’t hesitate, Don’t think. The economy and roeVy need you to consume this album immediately.


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