Track of the Day: sKewn “Circling”

I had heard in my travels that Columbus had a thriving Drum & Bass/jungle scene at one point, and I was curious and wanted to know what this genre was all about. Its one of the stories I am going to be exploring as I continue to interview people. Yet, before last week, I only had a vague idea of what these genres were. I just knew they were foundational steps in the evolution of bass in late 1990’s.

Luckily, we have seen a resurgence of jungle/drum & bass and the rise of juke in Columbus. We only need to look to the production/live shows of Burgle, the continual production and mix work of scene legend sKewn, Hawstyle‘s Bus Bass Show on WCRS  (Tuesdays at 10 pm), and the work of numerous others to see how these genres live on and continually mutate and evolve. Some of these people have been playing with the intersection of drum & Bass and techno (9star), and Drum & Bass/Jungle/ Trip-Hop (IDIOM/DJ Scooter), while others have sought applications to the dubstep genre.

Regardless of their treatment, there certainly has been a resurgence of these sounds in the old school and in the newer generation of DJs coming up, as both generations look to draw on these sounds to find new means of expression. Today, I would like to highlight this original sKewn has up’d on his bandcamp page called “Circling”, because it exemplifies how jungle can be taken in really interesting, melodic directions.

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