Dunjinz “Albion & Anowara”

Who has been waiting for this release since like October? :Raises Hand: Yep, yours truly was definitely on board with this release from the beginning. In fact, writing a post about this release was one of my first acts of writing about our scene. Now the day has finally come and this EP was just released one day early. I have gone on very long tirades about what I think these two tracks represent in Columbus (read that HERE). Thus, I will not go on too long, but both of these tracks are absolutely huge and essential listening for anyone interested in where the Columbus sound is going sonically with dance music. (You can catch Dunjinz live at Thump on February 15th.)

Not only does Dunjinz work represent a bridge to the techno innovators of our past and present like Titonton Duvante, FBK, Todd Sines, Plural & Archetype, but so does roeVy & Dirty Current’s remix work. They all build on the re-emergence of techno and and show the way forward for Columbus to reconnect with their roots, while exploring new sonic territory. So let me offer a few words on both of their remixes:

First, lets delve into the roeVy creative reinterpretation of “Albion”. You might remember me discussing the sonic vision enduced by RoeVy’s set in my write up of their performance at LeBOOM! (Get at that HERE). Well the first drop roeVy crafts in this remix is the sonic embodiment of what happens to you during a roeVy show. The fuzzed out noise places you in a disoriented state, which is shattered with the clarity of the first drop. I was not ready for what came next. The distorted beat gave way to the absolute lawlessness of the second half of the track where roeVy destroys any notion of what you thought the original was and remakes it in the vision of their own dark universe.I am glad they sounded the air raid sirens, because their track is obviously attacking any audience that dares come under its spell. Its obviously a must have.

Secondly, let’s delve into the Dirty Current track. Dirty Currents creative reinterpretation of the Dunjinz track reminds me a lot of the live wire sound of Sovnger. This remake takes the Dunjinz original and electrifies it with such a raw sound that I grimace just listening to this track. I feel at any moment my adventure into this track will end and I will be shocked with 4000 volts. Yet, any listener that is brave enough to take a trip through this track will be rewarded with the meticulous, innovative take Dirty Current make an Dunjinz original. I for one am stoked that I have gotten to hear this live, because it was an INTENSE experience to say the least. (You can catch Dirty Current next wednesday february 8th at Thump.

Pick up this release NOW on beatport HERE! Don’t even hesitate. Wait a second I see you navigating away. Where are you going? Come back and support your local dunjinz, dirty currentz, & roevyz.


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