Track That Started It All: Jason Lyman

                                                           (Photo by Ed Luna)

The Quality crew, which includes and is not limited to Jason Lyman, Michael Poe, Jeff Pons, Travis Owens, Doug Black, & Xavier Mathais, has really pushed the deep house and techno sound in a time in Columbus when bass and electro house have really dominated. This is not to say that the popularity of these contemporary genres is at all bad. Such judgements are really not useful, as these contemporary sounds are vital to the emergence of a whole new generation of dance music fans. Despite this, I think the success of their Groove and Quality parties is a testament to the expansion of our scene to include many different sounds. Such sonic expansion is vital to the overall health of our scene, as it allows for the cross pollination of the old and new, as well as the the fresh and the timeless. No doubt, Jason, along with his fellow associates like Jeff Pons, Scott Litch, Doug Black, have really pushed forward our understanding of what parties can be successful as well by carving out a special niche for the “low key lounge party” where people can dance to solid grooves in an arty, trendy atmosphere.

This week is devoted to Jason Lyman’s work in our scene with this track that started it all and an exclusive in-depth interview that gives us key insights into understanding the 90’s, the early 2000’s, and the trajectory we are on now. For the time being though, check out Jason’s story of the track that started it all:

“You know, honestly when I think back, there isn’t really one TRACK that I would say started it all for me. But there WAS a mix tape that I had gotten a hold of through a friend that just hooked me. It was Terry Mullen–new School Fusion Vol 1. I listened to that thing non-stop. Over and Over and Over. It was in my walkman or my car for a period of 6 months to a year. On one side the mix was just a feel good funky Chicago house joy ride full of some classics. (Listen to that side of the mix HERE) The flip side was all classic Chicago acid house tracks (Listen to that side of the mix HERE). I can remember walking across campus all of the time listening to this mixtape. When it broke, I got another copy. That mix just signified everything I loved about the music and the scene. After listening to that tape, I knew that I wanted my contribution to the scene to be as a dj. I loved it.”

If you want to experience a Quality party first hand then you are in luck. Jason Lyman, Jeff Pons, & Michael Poe are all spinning this saturday at Basil starting at 9:30 pm. Event details can be found HERE. You know I will be there tearing up the dance floor to some deep grooves! Also, make sure to check back here on Friday for Lyman’s full exclusive interview.

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