Track of the Day: Quality Sound System NYE 2011

You curious what the guys at quality got in store for you this saturday? Well, you don’t have to wait to much longer as the show is in two days down at the ever swanky Basil in the short north (Event details HERE or on the Quality Logo). If you can’t wait that long check this recording from Quality’s New Years Eve party. Its a tag teamed set, and Jason Lyman steps up to the decks for the second half of the mix. This whole set will give you a feel for DEEP grooves that transpire when these Columbus scene mainstays get at the decks. Its gonna be smooth. Its gonna be Loud. Most importantly, its gonna be a good time. So throw away your worries for an hour today, close all the doors and shades, and just dance to this mix. You know I am right now. Who seriously needs to be productive on a day like today? Consider it your warm up for Saturday. If this mix gets you too amp’d and you can’t wait until saturday then check out Jason Lyman and Jeff Pons at their party Groove on friday at Exile. This gives you a lot of opportunities to get down on some House Music this weekend.

Note: My favorite part happens at 41:16 in the mix, this vocal sample slides in and just really sets up the last 20 minutes:

“I tell you what, fuck that, I want someone to give me a cd, or a vinyl, or some talent from RIGHT HERE. Fuck the rest of the world. Fuck these motherfuckers. I need something from RIGHT HERE.”

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