WCRS Radio Round Up

Another Great week of Radio over at WCRS has me feeling the need to share these shows on a weekly basis. I mean these individuals are providing some Quality local programming that is at the cutting edge of selections from a wide gamut of artists around the world. I mean these three shows are only a small slice of the programming that I am exploring at the moment. Future areas of research include Doctah X’s Prescriptions show and The Fury’s industrial music hour.

Bus Bass Show

First, we have the Bus Bass show curated by Chris “Hawstyle” Haws with the best in jungle, DnB, and Dubstep. The show airs on Tuesday nights at 10 pm on WCRS 98.3 FM and can be streamed on the web Here. This weeks show features a Liquid funk/DnB guest mix by DJ DeutscheMark and a jungle/DnB mix by Hawstyle.

Listen and Download Here

Q Factor

Second, we have Sybling Q‘s hour devoted to his genre bending tastes in Moombahton, Electro, House, & Techno. The show airs on Thursday nights at 11 pm on WCRS 98.3 FM and can be streamed on the web Here. This week features a mix Sybling Q threw down at Bristol in 2008 (R.I.P. Bristol).

Listen and Download Here

The Beat Oracle

This is a show I just discovered friday night as I was driving around town. There was some craziness going on and I loved it. The show feature the best in “future music” and highlights selections from techno, dub, experimental, hip-hop, etc. It draws from everywhere to give you a crazy experience. The show airs on Saturday nights from 6-8 pm on WCRS 98.3 FM and can be streamed on the web Here.

Listen Here


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