Track of the Day: Single Action “Bus Bass Show Mix”

If you haven’t figured it out yet Hawstyle‘s Bus Bass Show Guest Mixes have been so ON point. Each one highlights another artists in our scene that is well versed in the multiple forms bass music can take. Such exploration is essential to hear as we move forward as a scene. Luckily,  our love of dubstep has influenced artists all over our scene to explore juke, jungle footwork, DnB, Funky, and numerous other bass genres. We have begun to do what Ed Luna terms “Deep Sea Dive” to see where our beloved bass music has been in the past. Knowing these roots has allowed us to begin to think critically about where we can go from here. Go to any show around town and you can see that our love of Bass has spawned a lot of creativity in how best we can synthesize bass sounds from the past and present to create something new. Not many cats are just throwing down sets of one genre. Rather, they are switching up tempos and styles 2-4 times in one set.  I for one love this, as we are given the ability to see how genre blasting can best serve our interests as artists in presenting the sounds we hear throughout our days. Its not like the sounds anyone hears in their brain are confined to one genre.

This leads me to discuss the work of Single Action from his Bus Bass mix. Equal parts menacing DnB and atmospheric experimental, Single Action’s mix offers you the ability to see how bass music can take you in a totally different direction. I think the key to his approach is how he synthesizes atmospheric sections with amazing vocal samples that probe the nature of reality with hard hitting DnB that leaves you nodding your head in delight. Though this seems a seemingly difficult tight rope to walk, Single Action adroitly maneuvers you through these two extremes in a smooth and pleasurable listening experience. Life is after all composed of both introspective moments of timelessness and hectic, fast-passed moments of fear.

SIngle Action — Bus Bass Mix


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