What Are You Doing Tonight? MBFP Valentines Pajama Party? That’s What I Thought.

For real, If you are not in the building for this show then I really just don’t know what to say to you. There is gonna be some serious bass experimentation going on as Burgle, Heady RuxpinNameless, Magua, Carma & Attak are all gonna  switch up sets the whole night. Not sure what this means? Well let me help you out.. it means utter bass chaos. It means a fractured, ever-changing sonic landscape where these bass heads will change up tempo, rhythm, and intensity faster than you can ever percieve the changes. Its all going down at the home base at Circus tonight at 9pm and runs till 2:30. Event Details HERE.

You curious what directions musically things may go? Well, expect massive deviations throughout the wide gamut of drum and bass, dubstep, juke, footwork, and maybe even some jungle as all the DJs present are well versed and wanting to change up the tenor and tempo of their track selections throughout the night. You may get one of magua’s syrupy hip-hop/dubstep mash ups, or one of Burgle’s trademark Juke throw downs. Expect the best selections in hard hitting dubstep from Heady Ruxpin, Carma, & Attak and continual bass change ups from Nameless. All in all, this event will radically reshape your idea of where bass music can go and show you the typical fun that can be had at a My Best Friends Party Show.

Need More Convincing? Listen to these tracks/mixes that highlight each artists sound to get you stoked for tonight


“Winter Babymaking Jamz” — Magua

Wiz Khalifa & TC – Gangbang x Where’s My Money (Magua Mashup)


Eprom–Twerkul8 (Burgle Rework)

“Drug Dealin'” — Burgle (original)

Carma & Attak:

“Down For Whatever Mix” — Carma

“Future Mayhem” — Attak w/ the Dub Terrorists


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