Pull Artist Showcase: Rocketnerd

You know I love to give you in-depth coverage for shows that are a little bit different than our normal weeklies or monthlies. This is not to say such shows aren’t important. Quite the contrary, a quick look to the success of monthlies and weeklies put on by MBFP, Push, Ohio Stand Up, Run 614, Quality, Sweatin’, Winter Sun, Fresh Beet, and numerous other crews shows how important these recurrent shows are for scene building.  But when a special show is thrown down, a little bit more attention to its aims and the artists behind it is warranted. Giving this nuanced coverage Is just something I enjoy, because I don’t like to leave things at surface level. I like to give you the dish on what the artists think about the show and how it is a special contribution to our community. Each show highlights something special, as all the people involved in our community are not content to just rehash the past. Its just too bad I couldn’t do this for all our shows we put on in town. Its certainly something I would enjoy to do a lot.

For the next week, I will be providing you with interviews, exclusive mixes, and my continuing historical project to give you an in-depth look at some of the members of the Push Productions crew. I do this because they have their first all push showcase called PULL on Tuesday, 2/21 at 9:00pm at Woodlands Tavern In Grandview. My hope is that you understand Push in a richer fashion and realize the natural connections this crew has with all the other crews in town in their common goal to get to the next level as a music scene. I also hope my contribution to the show will get you excited to explore new artists, new venues, and new areas of the city and what that has to offer us as a scene.

Today, I highlight the work of Rocketnerd aka Arthur Brehm. He is a guy who really needs little introduction, because he plays shows all over town and is the president of Ohio State’s Electronic Music Club. I hold a lot of respect for Arthur not just because of his willingness to help guide a new generation of music produces and DJs through the tumultuous first periods of artistic discovery, but also because his mix and original work is on point. Just take a listen to this new track called “Burner” he just up’d on soundcloud:

This track is just one example of how he plays with the melding of different genres to see what he comes out with.  If there is one thing for sure with Rocketnerd its that he is going to go outside the confines of the classification systems you have erected in your ear lobes. Take this drum and bass track called “Late” he created within the last month:

This is not your typical sounding drum and bass track. It deviates in key ways giving it a much more melodic feel, but that frenetic bass is still just setting the agenda the whole way through the track. Want to know what he sounds like in the mix? Are you sure you are ready? Well, here is a recording from the October 8th, 2011 Juicy show to sink your teeth into until the tuesday after next:

Ok, if that music didn’t get you amp’d take a look at this short interview I did with Arthur to get at some insight into what he is thinking about the show and what it means to him to be part of the Push Crew:

LA: What does it mean to you to be part of Push Productions?
RN: To be on Push is a huge honor for me. When Toby snapped me up I was kind of struggling to find a place in the greater scheme of the music scene in Columbus, and I was just settling into my sound. I’d played a few bigger shows like Juicy and I was on the bill with DJ Benzi with My Best Friend’s Party in September 2010, but I felt like I wasn’t getting much back from performing. When Toby contacted me, it was recognition. It meant a lot for me as a performer, especially someone who’s kind of new-school and digital to be recognized and appreciated as an artist by someone who’d been doing it for forever, and has such name recognition. Being on Push has given me a lot of opportunities to meet people and get my name out there. Getting a chance to shake DJ Godfather’s at our SCENE show was really awesome.

LA: Why do you think its important to get your whole crew together for a show?
RN: Getting the whole crew together for one big show is something we’ve wanted to do for a while. We had basically everyone out for SCENE, but there were problems with the venue and a bunch of us didn’t get to play, and that was shitty. It’s really important that we get a chance to share everything that we have to offer as a crew, since we all have people that we bring out that the other crew guys don’t. This way, my pull helps Ginsu’s pull, and NetworkEDM’s and everyone else’s, and their draw helps mine. It’ll also be awesome to party with the whole crew! Some of these guys I don’t see so often. I think we’re all going to get a whole lot of exposure.

LA: What do you think this show means for the Columbus dance music scene?
RN: This is a golden opportunity for the club kids to come out and see what we can do. The Push brand carries a crazy amount of variety. There really is something here for everyone. The foundation of our crew and our mission is house, of course, but we love it all, and you can really see that in the acts that we represent. You’re going to hear Electro, Tech, Fidget, Deep and Jackin’ House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Hip-Hop, Breaks, Jungle and basically everything else you could think of. Everybody is going to love something and probably learn a lot from this show. You couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to bring you something new.

LA: What can we expect from your set? What are you gonna bring at us?
RN: Like Ororo says, I’m gonna “keep it funky.” Fidget House is my bread and butter, and it’s really hyped up, fun, bouncy music that’s great for getting people off the wall. I’ve also been experimenting with Moombahton and other genres around 110 beats per minute, so you can expect to hear some of that, especially my originals. I also like to end on a track that matches the genre of whoever’s playing after me, so depending on the lineup, you might hear some Drum & Bass or Dubstep or whatever else. Gonna be real fun, gonna be real funky!

Now I know I am trying to lock you down early, but this is what we gotta do in this day and age. Head on over to the Facebook Event Page HERE and RSVP now. You best believe I am gonna be their at 8:57pm on tuesday february 21st at Woodlands Tavern stretching out and getting ready for all the mayhem.


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