FBK — “Absoloop 002: Abandonmental EP”

After an amazing year in 2011, the release of FBK’s Absoloop 002 – Abandonmental EP today finds the Columbus based artist reaching new heights of creativity in his production work. 2011 was a monumental year for FBK. With the inclusion of his track “Nanomal” in Marcel Dettmann’s highly acclaimed mix Conducted, a string of successful for EP releases like his The Moment Before I Snap EP, and the starting of his Absoloop record label, FBK reinforced his reputation as a top flight producer devoted to pushing the boundaries of dance music. Building off this success, FBK stomps into 2012 with the release of the Absoloop 002 – Abandonmental EP. Not only does this new EP highlight FBK’s characteristic aggressive, hypnotic sound, but also finds FBK reaching new heights in creative expression. Each track highlights FBK’s ability to find different pathways to crafting an infectious, undeniable rhythm, while exploring new realms of sonic innovation. Few artists are able to couple rhythm and sonic innovation in such a sonically pleasing manner as FBK has done in this release. No doubt, this marks another monumental step forward in FBK’s artistic development, and sets the artist up for another very successful year. Yet, there are numerous other points to this release, which reveal the road ahead for FBK. Don’t believe me? Check this video FBK himself created for his track “An End and Beginning” off the AB 002 release:

The cohesiveness of FBK’s Abandonmental EP reveals key clues as why FBK’s artistic work will be so exciting in the next year. This release isn’t just composed of four separate tracks put together randomly. FBK carefully curated the Abandonmental EP to express his take on the various soundscapes that exist on the edges of society. Though each track diverges in its individual expression, they all are united by a common theme of articulating the sounds characteristic of long abandoned locales or mindsets. I can just hear each one of these tracks telling the story of a different lost idea or factory from our past industrial age. This type of conceptualization shows the mark of a fully matured artistic force that only has amazing things ahead of him as he continues to release unique works of art into 2012.

Beyond these reasons, FBK has deep roots in the midwest techno music scene and understands the need to make and release music that stands the test of time. FBK has been a foundational force in Columbus and Midwest dance music since the 1990’s. Growing up in the heyday of dance music in the Midwest, FBK was a member of the foundational Columbus based ele_mental crew and has gained support from the likes of the legendary Claude Young. From these experiences, FBK has learned to create his own artistic voice and release music he believes will endure well beyond the fades of the moment. This motivation to create and release the timeless drives FBK’s production work on the Abandonmental EP and the music he releases on his record label Absoloop. For this reason, its important to not just pass up what FBK is doing with this release or any of the music he intends on releasing in the future. This is the year FBK & Absoloop put Columbus techno back on the map, as one of the strongest scenes in the U.S.

Make sure to stay up to date on all the happenings with FBK and Absoloop records by liking FBK on his facebook page and following him on soundcloud. Did you know FBK’s first release on his record label Absoloop 001: Adventures into the Loop was just as epic as this most recent installment? Well, pick it up at his bandcamp site HERE. The Abandonmental EP will be followed up very briskly by the third installment of the Absoloop series within the next few months, so keep your ears open for updates on release info.

Buy the Abandonmental EP today on any of these fine outlets. Its a Monster. You will not be dissappointed.






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