A Special Wednesday Night Thump With Marty Party

Thump has gradually become one of the best weeklies in town by bringing out the dance music elite for Wednesday night throw downs. Usually an all local affair, Thump has provided a showcase of the finest dance music DJs this town has to offer and facilitates the continual evolution of our city’s scene by offering a venue to experiment and play with the hottest tracks. This Wednesday we open up our doors to NYC DJ Marty Party to bring his unique blend of Purple Music right to our front door (Event Details HERE). You may say: What is this Purple Music? Well, just imagine blending the frantic nature of bass music both past and present with smooth, melodic progressive build ups of R & B and hip-hop and you have a scintillating combination that is sure to set the night off right.  Just check out a few of the tracks from his recently released Six Shots of Jameson Album:

“We Don’t Give A Damn”

“Lookin’ For Trouble”

“We Can Work It Out”

After listening to these three tracks from the Six Shots of Jameson Album, new meaning is given to this quote Marty Party used to describe his tracks: “My mission is to change the way people think about electronic music and to bring the art of musical composition back into popular music.” No doubt, the elements of composition he brings to these tracks are bound to set the Circus show off just right for ya’ll.

If That wasn’t enough, check out this short, exclusive interview Marty Party did with yours truly so that everyone at Circus can understand what Marty Party is bringing Wednesday.

LA: How did you get into dance music and get involved with production/DJ’in? Was their a track or show where it all click for you and you knew you had to pursue music?

MP: I left the corporate world and went surfing in Costa Rica for 2 years in 2005 – I needed something intellectual to learn on the side and I took Ableton Live down with me. Once I learned the tool and the art of audio synthesis I became obsessed with the origins of the sounds and beat syncopations I had heard my whole life – I just got deeper and deeper into the game from that day on. Once I reached this level of understanding I decided to make my own sound and continue to work on sounding totally unique, by avoiding the sounds and timings that are so recycled in popular music. The result was a sort of pattern or algorithm for creating what I call “purple” music. Once I had a batch of songs I had to play them for people so I learned how to DJ so I could play my music. I started DJing my own music in 2006 and the rest is history as they say. I guess it clicked in 2005 when I felt the emotion of creating your own song, with like a story, has a introduction, tension, release, and conclusion, and can be played on repeat without getting old. Timeless electronic music is my goal.

LA: You speak of letting your bass lines/ drops speak for you. What types of stories or messages are you trying to rely with your tracks?

MP: I don’t have a singing voice at all so I can’t sing for sh&*&(^. So I have to use another “voice” to express the lead melody. Bass synthesis exploded in recent years and coming out of dubstep and D&B we have learned to modulate and synthesize very organic mid-basses. These can sit in the traditional “vocal” freq band or cross all freq’s to express melodies in ways never possible before. That is what I do – I sing with bass. The tones and timbres of the basses are critical to the intention of the song. It all starts with an intention – what kind of story are you telling? – I tend to tell positive stories with uplifting intention. I stay away from dark stories – but that doesn’t mean I’m not loud 🙂

LA: Do you have reoccurring themes that seem to emerge across your songs? What are they?

MP: My musical grounding is in hip hop – just from being a fan for life – so I tend to seek hip hop feel in my themes, I guess that’s really R&B, Blues and minor chords. But overall I have no consistent theme – it always goes somewhere fresh.

LA: I love the synthesis of styles in your Purple sound. When did you find the natural connections between dubstep, hip hop, and progressive dance music? Was there an Ah ha moment?

MP: Thanks! Yes you can see I love synthesis – and blending soundscapes like paint on a canvas – I took the singing bass tones from dubstep – the drum sounds and chord progressions of hip hop and R&B and made a new progressive music I call Purple. There were several aha moments back in the beginning and I still use the good old formula – if I jump around the studio – its a winner.

LA: Columbus is definitely ready for you. We got a thriving underground that was callin’ out your name specifically to come and play. What should we expect from your set? You got any surprises in store for us?

MP: My live sets are just as unique as my production – I don’t follow any traditional DJ paths – my Ableton set structure is very unique in that it is one evolving set since day 1. I don’t pre-prepare any sequence of songs, but rather pick and choose on the fly, layering in acapellas and sound effects through a 4 channel setup I control with the TriggerFinger. I also use filters to mix, not channel faders or gains, this gives my transitions that flawless and controlled sound and lets me mix 4 signals at once without overpowering any one freq. Its like cooking. I have all the ingredients, spices and tools right there on my laptop and just pick one and run from there. Every set is totally unique.
I’ll be obviously playing a lot of my latest release material – Six Shots Of Jameson – my new LP I wrote last year came out January 30th and Ill play tunes from that release, my new remixes, old and new Sub On tunes, new PANTyRAiD material and some special DJ only whips I have in my back pocket. All mixed together with crazy sound effects and crunky vocal hooks. Its just one nonstop party.

If that doesn’t get you hyped then lets take a look at who else is playing. Attak & Carma, Magua, Rocketnerd, & Egotronic all on the sam stage before Marty Party even starts. Comon, this is insane. Its really not fair. There is gonna be some beautiful mixture of styles. Let’s do a little run down to see what our Local cats are gonna be throwing at you.

Attak & Carma

The consummate professionals at the decks, Attak & Carma have been one of the key cornerstones in our scenes resurgence with their next level promotion crew My Best Friends Party. They are always pushing the envelope and bringing in acts that continue to up the profile of our scene and the diversity of our musical inspiration. One look to their recent project to merge electronic and jamband music in one artist curation is a testament to their forward thinking ethos.

“Im Down For Whatever”

This man needs little introduction. He is everywhere; An omnipresent bass and synth force from a another based galaxy sent here to rock parties and push Columbus to the next level. One look to his extensive catalogue of mixes and production work shows the grizzled determination Magua has to set this shit off right. Just take a listen to some of this recent work:

“Wiz Khalifa & TC – Gangbang x Where’s My Money (Magua Mashup)”

“Winter Babymaking Jamz”

Rocketnerd is the sage force bringing you the best in fidget and every genre he can weave into his elaborate soundscapes. Playing North, South, East, and West, this man’s sets resound with technical skill as the four winds carry word of his expertise to all corners of the city. Do you really Doubt THE ROCKETNERD? HOW DARE YOU! Listen to his battlemix. DO you dare Battle him? Surely, you will be destroyed.

“Battlemix II”



This masked man comes with many suprises. Wednesday will be no different. Eschewing his love for the genre of Trash for one night, Egotronic goes back to his roots to explore the capabilities of electro. You wonder what you can expect? Well, I have been assured by Egotronic himself that his set is gonna bring emphatic energy that will shake circus to the core. He plans to play tracks along this vein:

“Spencer & Hill – Say What (Revolvr Remix)”

“Tommy Trash – Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll”

If this doesn’t get you ready for the Thump on Wednesday I really don’t know what will. I best see you out there supporting our local people as well as Marty Party. This is surely going to be a night to remember! EVENT DETAILS HERE!!


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