Our Scene | Our Sound | Our City Mix Series: sKewn – “Transmission”

I am back with an exclusive transmission from sKewn this week for the Our Scene | Our Sound | Our City Mix Series. You all know much about sKewn due to his interview with me a month or two ago. (READ THAT HERE). Yet, I don’t think you have heard this version of sKewn. He can throw down a hard mix like the best of them with smatterings of jungle, drum n’ bass, and other bass sounds, but have you been listening to his recent mix work? It certainly goes in a very patient, somber direction with some very beautiful moments and careful track selection that makes for wonderful listening. I could make this out to be some big shift that marks the dawning of a new epoch in his work, but that wouldn’t make any sense. sKewn has been listening to the wide gamut of tracks coming from all styles of music since he was young. It just so happens that now he wants to play it in his mix work more.

Isn’t that true for all of us? I mean its not like we were born and then our parents had us listening to Detroit techno, Chicago House, etc. No, we all had a distinct musical trajectory that brought us to this place we are at now. We all had to discover electronic music. On sKewn’s recent mixtape done for the Push Productions Just For Me Mix Project he adroitly fused techno and dub sounds to achieve a smooth, subtly mutating mix that slowly washes over you. (Download that Mix HERE). Like that mix, The sounds in the Transmission mix aren’t usually spun on dance floors, but nonetheless still hold much power to take you to a different place.

Yet, I cannot do justice to the sounds in this mix with words. To do so would only be to force my opinion on you, which I already do on a regular basis. I would rather you just take my word that this is a pretty amazing piece of mix work. I have listened to it over 25 times (not an exaggeration) since sKewn placed it in my possession. Why not just press play and listen with an open mind.

sKewn – “Transmissions”


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