The Fuse Factory Needs Your Help!


(***PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS***) Whether you are into dance music (techno, house, dubstep, jungle, post jungle, post inverted dupstep, freakcore, etc) or the many meandering paths of experimental music, we are all united by our love of our community and the many different sonic strands that pull at our heart strings. This community needs our support in order to keep it alive and moving forward. Often, this means buying local releases or checking out local shows. Today, you got a chance to help fund the shows of one of the most diverse electronic music and art non-profits in town, The Fuse Factory and Digital Arts Lab. This organization is built by community members for our scene. There is no profit. There’s only the love of the music and the art that we all cherish so much! There is no angle. There is only the heartfelt desire to show people new ways to appreciate and make music and art. Such an approach could not be more important when so many other people and organizations are trying to brand your experience of music and art and don’t allow you the space to interpret, feel, and experience the music in your own way.  This present kickstarter campaign will be used to finish the funding they need to put on the rest of their frequency friday shows that their grant money from the Greater Columbus Art Council does not cover. This event brings sound experimenters from all over the globe come here to share their art with our community. Not only do these shows provide amazing performances, but they also provide a central meeting points for all people in our community working with sound in different ways. You can read more about the non-profit in my interview with its director and founder Alison Coleman HERE.

Trademark Gunderson

However, they need Columbus’ help to bring the grant home! They are only 435 dollars away from their goal. Yet,  they have only 1 DAY LEFT!  70 individuals in our community and abroad have donated already.  A donation in any amount helps and is important to keep this excellent programming alive in our city. This is a great way to say that you gave back to your community. I have already pledged my money to the cause and I hope you do to!


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