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You know me, I am a sucker for a good remix that totally flips the script on a song and offers something novel and new. I just love the recycling element of the remix. Its an incredibly hard craft, but when done well it offers a way to totally rethink a song. The first Creative Reinterpretation post I did was on Sybling Q‘s rework of RoeVy’s “Beleth” (Check that post HERE). That was a decidedly local affair, as it always is over here at Local Autonomy. For this version of Creative Reinterpretation, I turn my spotlight on another local cat who I have talked about a lot on this site; Dunjinz. Guy is producing at a rate that I can say is enviable for any productive human. He just keeps out churning tracks that I spin for weeks and weeks. He jumped on the Sovnger track “For My Dog” and offered a novel, creative rework. The track was just released yesterday on GND Records, which has been on point with their release of great new artists. Let’s start with the Sovnger original mix first:

Sovnger–“For My Dog” (Original Mix)

Sovnger doesn’t play on this track. Its almost as if he captured the sound of raw energy being emitted from a live wire, and is chronicling the unsuccessful efforts to harness this energy throughout his track. No where is this more evident then at the 1:00 mark when all hell breaks lose and the unbridled, edgy synths screech with harsh intensity. Its easy to envision someone getting electrocuted as the spikes in the synth ebb and flow. This theme would have been enough to please me, but Sovnger flips the script with a dark, bass driven drop that takes the track in a whole new direction.  I didn’t fully comprehend the beauty of this section of the track until it was placed in juxtaposition to the first synth driven layer. This beauty is easily perceptible after the three minute mark, as sovnger oscillates between the edgy synth driven theme and the dark bass.  He shows a flare for the type of creativity and curiosity that is needed for innovative producers in this track. I can hear the struggle and the fun Sovnger had with this track, as each dense layer and intricate noise speaks volumes to its artistic novelty. Check out his other work on his Soundcloud.

Dunjinz’s remix of Sovnger “For My Dog” 

Dunjinz rework was really on point for this track. His rework especially highlights his ability to craft remixes that are true to the original, but fit squarely within the sound that he has created for himself. This sound he has created fits into many key genres of popular EDM music at the moment, but has a subtlety and richness that rewards repeat listens to tracks. His sound is something I think our scene can be really proud of, because it shows commitment to intricacy, technical expertise, and bangin’ drops.

The track begins with one of my favorite additions Dunjinz’s rework brings to the track; the vocal manipulation. Though such a small part of the original, Dunjinz tweeks the vocal sample and uses it as a key tool to segue way into his first drop. I love this section. It is almost as if the vocal sample hides the rising tsunami of bass and synth coming right at us.  I could see this being so big live, as the vocal sample would be a great way to highlight the huge drop that is coming. Once that drop hits, Dunjinz’s shows he has harnessed that raw energy found in Sovnger’s mix and brought his distinctive sound to the track. Nowhere is this more apparent than after the three minute mark where he weaves his vocal sample manipulation in with his signature screeching synth blasts and gritty, droning loops. These are all trademarks of the Dunjinz’s sound and are adroitly deployed to put a special touch on an already great Sovnger track. If this song doesn’t convince you, check out more of Dunjinz’s work on his soundcloud.

You can pick up the EP to support these guys on Beatport HERE. You Best Believe I already Did.

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Roevy–Beleth (Original Mix)

I don’t need to say much about this track, because it is a true work of art. I respect the craftsmanship that lies behind this track. Words cannot do justice to the feelings I have when those glitchy, aggressive, pulsating drops hit. In the live setting, absolutely ANARCHY ensues turning individual human beings into part of an amorphous horde vibin’ to a common collective beat.  Yet, this is not shocking. This is at the core mission of who and what RoeVy is. Collective mobilization of a beat driven community is what is at the core of not only RoeVy, but the whole C-Bus Electronic scene. This track contributes to this identity and gives us all something to proudly dance around. 

RoeVy–Beleth (Sybling Q Moombahton Remix)

Interestingly, I could not fathom how Beleth could be made into something else. It stood to me as a testament of a very specific sound in our Columbus scene. Yet, minds are made to be changed and opened to new possibilities. Sybling Q came correct with this remix of the track. He shattered my old interpretation of what Beleth was and opened up a whole new world of possibility for the track. The careful construction of the Moombahton bass line and synth progression into an infectious groove made me run around crazed with delight, as I progressed through each progressive drop. (I will say this was a watershed moment for me when I finally got the moombah-craze) I love the use of the manipulated vocal samples Sybling Q uses to make his own mark on the track. He recreates it in his own vision and succeeds masterfully. My favorite portion of the track comes at 1:48 when his second drop reveals this beautifully layered groove that relies on multiple samples that all have different time signatures. These different layered beats overlap to create one cohesive track that I cannot get enough of. It really shows what can happen when one keeps an open mind and considers what they can do with an idea or sound to create something new. 

If you want more from RoeVy & Sybling Q hit up their soundcloud and facebook pages through these links below:

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