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Unsatisfied with charging the barricades of the techno establishment alone, Columbus based artists FBK and Plural have merged into a musical juggernaut called The Fallen. Their collective assault on our eardrums and dance floors worldwide begins today with the release of their first EP Abrasive Technology on E8P Records. The Fallen was created out of the common ambition both these artist share to constantly push the envelope in their music. Abrasive Technology may be just the first release of this new techno leviathan, but this group already shows the development of a distinctive sound that features driving, aggressive rhythms pulsating over densely layered atmospheres. As such, this release sees The Fallen building tracks that give new life to normally sharp, discordant sounds by synthesizing them into new sonorous melodies. Such a task shows that these two production veterans have already reached a very evolved state in their collaborations and stand poised to make a significant contribution to the development of dance music in 2012. A closer look at this partnership reveals the uniqueness of this artistic project and the aspirations these two DJs have in their music.

Many dance music artists would be content with the achievements that FBK and Plural have compiled in the last year, and would not dare push the envelope by trying something new. FBK is fresh of the release of his Abandonmental EP on his taste-expanding Absoloop label and his track “Nanomal” was recently included in Marcel Dettmann’s seminal Conducted compilation.


Plural too has been pumping out release after release. He just put out his Lost In Thought EP on Orange82 Records and is slated to release his System Corrupt EP on Audio Textures Recordings March 20th.

“Destroying Anger”

Despite this prolific output, FBK & Plural are never ones to just rest on their laurels and be content status quo. Rather than continue their artistic journey alone, the two DJs merged their strengths and went out in a new direction to see what their collaboration could yield. This speaks volumes about both of these artists. It would have been easier to just keep going down this road alone. It obviously had been working for them, as they are both getting increasing attention from all over the globe on their releases. Yet, these two artists took the road less traveled, and decided to see what experimentation and collaboration could produce for them. This type of maverick activity is exactly what put Midwest Techno on the map. Whether it’s the founders in Detroit or the foundational members of Columbus’ ele_mental crew, techno artists in the Midwest have always pushed the boundaries of techno to find new means of expression.  The Fallen is just the most recent manifestation of such an ethos, and their Abrasive Technology EP is a verification of the fruits that come from taking a chance.

Not only is the Abrasive Technology EP evidence of artistic ethos, but also presents the technical skill of these two DJs. Lush, swirling walls of noise bombard your speakers, as the beginning swells of bass lunge forward at you with the first track “Focused Intensity”. With such intricate detail presented in the track, it is difficult to even begin to understand how these seemingly cacophonous noises could work as one harmonious melody. Yet, track after track on the Abrasive Technology EP reaffirms The Fallen’s unique talent at creating beautiful techno out of noise easily discarded by other artists. The highlight of this approach comes through on their track “Turning Back To Me” where The Fallen showcase their ability to build a melodic anthem that grips the strings of your heart and makes you understand how enriching music is to daily life. Such a track makes me so excited for what is too come from The Fallen in the future. No doubt, the Abrasive Technology EP showcases this technical skill, but also shows these producers are adept in merging sounds that evoke equal doses of aggression, futurism, and sentimentality in techno tracks that will destroy clubs and underground parties everywhere. Don’t take my word for it! Check out the tracks “Without Wires” and the video for Focused Intesnity from the EP and decide for yourself! EP IS HUGE!!! Cannot Stress this enough!

“Focused Intesnity”

“Without Wires”

Buy the album at this fine outlet:


If it isn’t obvious yet then it is worth reminding you that the Abrasive Technology EP was just the beginning. The Fallen aim to continue their collective assault of dance floors everywhere in future releases, as they use their dense, deep style to decimate your notion of what dance music is. Both as a unit and individually, Plural and FBK are going continue to put Columbus and Midwest techno on the map through innovative releases. So you best be on the look out in the next few months for future releases from The Fallen, as these two techno heavy weights continue to push the agenda of what directions techno should go in.

The Fallen on Soundcloud

FBK on Soundcloud

Plural on Soundcloud

(Note: This was the official promotional copy I wrote to accompany the release for The Fallen.)

After an amazing year in 2011, the release of FBK’s Absoloop 002 – Abandonmental EP today finds the Columbus based artist reaching new heights of creativity in his production work. 2011 was a monumental year for FBK. With the inclusion of his track “Nanomal” in Marcel Dettmann’s highly acclaimed mix Conducted, a string of successful for EP releases like his The Moment Before I Snap EP, and the starting of his Absoloop record label, FBK reinforced his reputation as a top flight producer devoted to pushing the boundaries of dance music. Building off this success, FBK stomps into 2012 with the release of the Absoloop 002 – Abandonmental EP. Not only does this new EP highlight FBK’s characteristic aggressive, hypnotic sound, but also finds FBK reaching new heights in creative expression. Each track highlights FBK’s ability to find different pathways to crafting an infectious, undeniable rhythm, while exploring new realms of sonic innovation. Few artists are able to couple rhythm and sonic innovation in such a sonically pleasing manner as FBK has done in this release. No doubt, this marks another monumental step forward in FBK’s artistic development, and sets the artist up for another very successful year. Yet, there are numerous other points to this release, which reveal the road ahead for FBK. Don’t believe me? Check this video FBK himself created for his track “An End and Beginning” off the AB 002 release:

The cohesiveness of FBK’s Abandonmental EP reveals key clues as why FBK’s artistic work will be so exciting in the next year. This release isn’t just composed of four separate tracks put together randomly. FBK carefully curated the Abandonmental EP to express his take on the various soundscapes that exist on the edges of society. Though each track diverges in its individual expression, they all are united by a common theme of articulating the sounds characteristic of long abandoned locales or mindsets. I can just hear each one of these tracks telling the story of a different lost idea or factory from our past industrial age. This type of conceptualization shows the mark of a fully matured artistic force that only has amazing things ahead of him as he continues to release unique works of art into 2012.

Beyond these reasons, FBK has deep roots in the midwest techno music scene and understands the need to make and release music that stands the test of time. FBK has been a foundational force in Columbus and Midwest dance music since the 1990’s. Growing up in the heyday of dance music in the Midwest, FBK was a member of the foundational Columbus based ele_mental crew and has gained support from the likes of the legendary Claude Young. From these experiences, FBK has learned to create his own artistic voice and release music he believes will endure well beyond the fades of the moment. This motivation to create and release the timeless drives FBK’s production work on the Abandonmental EP and the music he releases on his record label Absoloop. For this reason, its important to not just pass up what FBK is doing with this release or any of the music he intends on releasing in the future. This is the year FBK & Absoloop put Columbus techno back on the map, as one of the strongest scenes in the U.S.

Make sure to stay up to date on all the happenings with FBK and Absoloop records by liking FBK on his facebook page and following him on soundcloud. Did you know FBK’s first release on his record label Absoloop 001: Adventures into the Loop was just as epic as this most recent installment? Well, pick it up at his bandcamp site HERE. The Abandonmental EP will be followed up very briskly by the third installment of the Absoloop series within the next few months, so keep your ears open for updates on release info.

Buy the Abandonmental EP today on any of these fine outlets. Its a Monster. You will not be dissappointed.





Who has been waiting for this release since like October? :Raises Hand: Yep, yours truly was definitely on board with this release from the beginning. In fact, writing a post about this release was one of my first acts of writing about our scene. Now the day has finally come and this EP was just released one day early. I have gone on very long tirades about what I think these two tracks represent in Columbus (read that HERE). Thus, I will not go on too long, but both of these tracks are absolutely huge and essential listening for anyone interested in where the Columbus sound is going sonically with dance music. (You can catch Dunjinz live at Thump on February 15th.)

Not only does Dunjinz work represent a bridge to the techno innovators of our past and present like Titonton Duvante, FBK, Todd Sines, Plural & Archetype, but so does roeVy & Dirty Current’s remix work. They all build on the re-emergence of techno and and show the way forward for Columbus to reconnect with their roots, while exploring new sonic territory. So let me offer a few words on both of their remixes:

First, lets delve into the roeVy creative reinterpretation of “Albion”. You might remember me discussing the sonic vision enduced by RoeVy’s set in my write up of their performance at LeBOOM! (Get at that HERE). Well the first drop roeVy crafts in this remix is the sonic embodiment of what happens to you during a roeVy show. The fuzzed out noise places you in a disoriented state, which is shattered with the clarity of the first drop. I was not ready for what came next. The distorted beat gave way to the absolute lawlessness of the second half of the track where roeVy destroys any notion of what you thought the original was and remakes it in the vision of their own dark universe.I am glad they sounded the air raid sirens, because their track is obviously attacking any audience that dares come under its spell. Its obviously a must have.

Secondly, let’s delve into the Dirty Current track. Dirty Currents creative reinterpretation of the Dunjinz track reminds me a lot of the live wire sound of Sovnger. This remake takes the Dunjinz original and electrifies it with such a raw sound that I grimace just listening to this track. I feel at any moment my adventure into this track will end and I will be shocked with 4000 volts. Yet, any listener that is brave enough to take a trip through this track will be rewarded with the meticulous, innovative take Dirty Current make an Dunjinz original. I for one am stoked that I have gotten to hear this live, because it was an INTENSE experience to say the least. (You can catch Dirty Current next wednesday february 8th at Thump.

Pick up this release NOW on beatport HERE! Don’t even hesitate. Wait a second I see you navigating away. Where are you going? Come back and support your local dunjinz, dirty currentz, & roevyz.

Hot Mess’ new ep “No Requests” drops TODAY. This brings four new tracks from one of our scene’s favorite duos. I for one am very excited for this release and what it means for not only these two great guys, but also the scene as a whole. We are beginning our mobilization into the wider dance music scene and the rest of the country and world will have to recognize what we have cookin’ in Columbus. No there is nothing in the water. Its all OUR hard work that is doing this. Hot Mess’ release is a testament to this and where we are going.

Do them and yourself a favor and pick up the release. Yet, make sure you wear a helmet and get in the bunker when you listen to it the first time because the Heavy Artillery Record label doesn’t release any soft bass tracks. This is a Blitzkrieg of Bass that is moving fast and easy through your headphones. Listen to the sampler above if you don’t believe me and pick up the release on Beatport HERE.

If the dark visuals and the other-worldly remixes present in this video don’t get you amped then I just don’t know what will. Well, maybe a few words from me will help. This video captures the world of roeVy incredibly well, but what is more interesting is these artists takes on the roeVy sound. Specifically, I am interested in Dunjinz track because he is one of OUR own. The other remixes are obviously choice, as they are from big hitters across the techno and electro landscape, but I would be going outside my core mission if I did not focus on the creative reinterpretation Dunjinz provides on this track.

Dunjinz points out that his remix of “Raum” is emblematic of his shift in music production. If this is the case then I am excited to see what this guy has in store for us. I love this sound, as it connects to his albion and anowara sound, but is continually connecting to the currents of newer Berlin techno. His use of silence, drops, and pulsing rhythm is so on point and makes this reinterpretation of the original distinctively Dunjinz in its sound. Yet, he is still true to the dark, etheral nature of the roeVy sound. In this way, I see a beautiful connection between the roeVy and dunjinz sound. You don’t believe me? Check out the original “Raum”

The same anarchy and chaos that exudes in the original is present in both of these tracks. The same devotion to holding down Columbus’ dark, driving techno roots through a new sonic pallette is expressed. In this way, I see natural connections between this newer generation of producers and the current techno production work of the Old School of Columbus techno Producers FBK, Plural, Todd Sines, Body Release, Archetype. Both are devoted to radical experimentation in the synthesis of diverse sounds, which I find incredibly refreshing.

Need this ep now? Well, here is your opportunity! Its Right HERE. Go Get it NOW! Don’t hesitate, Don’t think. The economy and roeVy need you to consume this album immediately.

If its not obvious yet I like techno, but not any track that comes down the pipeline. I like exploratory, dark, driving techno that makes me question my fundamental understanding of what the genre is and reshapes it in a new form. Luckily, upstart UK label Orange82 has the same ideals when it comes to deciding what they release. Thus, it was no surprise that they decided to put out an EP of one of my favorite Techno innovators; columbus-based Plural. What makes this situation even sweeter is that Plural’s Lost in Thought EP was released TODAY!!

Plural’s Lost In Thought EP meets all my requirements for good techno and exceeds them in dramatic, exciting ways. With this EP, Plural shapes four swirling, modulating tracks that are driven by a deep, dramatic bass kick. Each track is wonderfully augmented by Plural’s trademark atmospheric explorations that adds dense layers to the tracks and keeps them mutating and evolving over the 6-8 minutes the truck is running. Make no mistake, Plural has crafted a work of art that will keep you comin’ back for years to come just to get a taste of these tracks rhythms.

If you care about reppin’ Columbus techno pick up this release TODAY!! This ep is absolutely nuts. You can pick it up on itunes HERE. OH and you can see Plural on the decks at March’s TAG event spinning in a tag team set with drum n bass/techno mainstay 9star. Event details HERE. Make sure you also check out Orange82 on facebook and “Like” there page HERE for all the up to date release details on their artists like Plural & FBK.

1/26/12 — Plural — Lost In Thought EP — Orange 82 (UK)

1/27/12 — Roevy — Demons Remix EP — Kiez Beats

1/31/12 — Hot Mess — No Requests EP — Heavy Artillery

2/1/12 — Dunjinz — Anowara/Albion EP — THaF Records

2/14/12 — FBK — Absoloop002 Abandonmental

Got a Release Coming up. Let me know and I will Put it up.

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February/March — Fayban — TITLE TBD

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