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If you haven’t figured it out yet Hawstyle‘s Bus Bass Show Guest Mixes have been so ON point. Each one highlights another artists in our scene that is well versed in the multiple forms bass music can take. Such exploration is essential to hear as we move forward as a scene. Luckily,  our love of dubstep has influenced artists all over our scene to explore juke, jungle footwork, DnB, Funky, and numerous other bass genres. We have begun to do what Ed Luna terms “Deep Sea Dive” to see where our beloved bass music has been in the past. Knowing these roots has allowed us to begin to think critically about where we can go from here. Go to any show around town and you can see that our love of Bass has spawned a lot of creativity in how best we can synthesize bass sounds from the past and present to create something new. Not many cats are just throwing down sets of one genre. Rather, they are switching up tempos and styles 2-4 times in one set.  I for one love this, as we are given the ability to see how genre blasting can best serve our interests as artists in presenting the sounds we hear throughout our days. Its not like the sounds anyone hears in their brain are confined to one genre.

This leads me to discuss the work of Single Action from his Bus Bass mix. Equal parts menacing DnB and atmospheric experimental, Single Action’s mix offers you the ability to see how bass music can take you in a totally different direction. I think the key to his approach is how he synthesizes atmospheric sections with amazing vocal samples that probe the nature of reality with hard hitting DnB that leaves you nodding your head in delight. Though this seems a seemingly difficult tight rope to walk, Single Action adroitly maneuvers you through these two extremes in a smooth and pleasurable listening experience. Life is after all composed of both introspective moments of timelessness and hectic, fast-passed moments of fear.

SIngle Action — Bus Bass Mix

You curious what the guys at quality got in store for you this saturday? Well, you don’t have to wait to much longer as the show is in two days down at the ever swanky Basil in the short north (Event details HERE or on the Quality Logo). If you can’t wait that long check this recording from Quality’s New Years Eve party. Its a tag teamed set, and Jason Lyman steps up to the decks for the second half of the mix. This whole set will give you a feel for DEEP grooves that transpire when these Columbus scene mainstays get at the decks. Its gonna be smooth. Its gonna be Loud. Most importantly, its gonna be a good time. So throw away your worries for an hour today, close all the doors and shades, and just dance to this mix. You know I am right now. Who seriously needs to be productive on a day like today? Consider it your warm up for Saturday. If this mix gets you too amp’d and you can’t wait until saturday then check out Jason Lyman and Jeff Pons at their party Groove on friday at Exile. This gives you a lot of opportunities to get down on some House Music this weekend.

Note: My favorite part happens at 41:16 in the mix, this vocal sample slides in and just really sets up the last 20 minutes:

“I tell you what, fuck that, I want someone to give me a cd, or a vinyl, or some talent from RIGHT HERE. Fuck the rest of the world. Fuck these motherfuckers. I need something from RIGHT HERE.”

I had heard in my travels that Columbus had a thriving Drum & Bass/jungle scene at one point, and I was curious and wanted to know what this genre was all about. Its one of the stories I am going to be exploring as I continue to interview people. Yet, before last week, I only had a vague idea of what these genres were. I just knew they were foundational steps in the evolution of bass in late 1990’s.

Luckily, we have seen a resurgence of jungle/drum & bass and the rise of juke in Columbus. We only need to look to the production/live shows of Burgle, the continual production and mix work of scene legend sKewn, Hawstyle‘s Bus Bass Show on WCRS  (Tuesdays at 10 pm), and the work of numerous others to see how these genres live on and continually mutate and evolve. Some of these people have been playing with the intersection of drum & Bass and techno (9star), and Drum & Bass/Jungle/ Trip-Hop (IDIOM/DJ Scooter), while others have sought applications to the dubstep genre.

Regardless of their treatment, there certainly has been a resurgence of these sounds in the old school and in the newer generation of DJs coming up, as both generations look to draw on these sounds to find new means of expression. Today, I would like to highlight this original sKewn has up’d on his bandcamp page called “Circling”, because it exemplifies how jungle can be taken in really interesting, melodic directions.

The Columbus, OH natives now doing it big in Cali have dropped two new originals and an edit of Avicii’s 2011 smash hit “Levels”. It just must be our lucky day. They hit the core sound that is driving the entire country wild right now and add their own spice through their consistent emphasis on bringing together diverse genres. Check them out NOW!

“Stand Down”


“Levels (Bootleg)”

Just learned of the Fresh Beets Team within the last week as they have started to promo their event Bassment Beets at bernies on January 7th. This show should be pretty amazing as they are mixing in wonderful local talent from around ohio with House DJ Sage Trevor Lamont. You can learn more about this event by clicking the flyer below which will jump you to the event page.

DJ Three6zero, one of the DJ’s from the fresh Beet crew, just dropped what he called a rough promo mix. Yet, I am not finding much roughness about this tape at all. In fact, I think the track selection, energy, & transitions are all on point! This tape shows how important breaks were to this DJ’s development and he really puts on a showcase of these talents. Get at this now:

Want a change up from the heavy bass & screeching synths you experienced this past New Years weekend? Want something to slowly wash over you and make you feel just right? Well DJ Pro Bono has come with the perfect elixir to keep you and your loved ones warm as the impending winter comes. He has put together a mix with the choicest selections of french house, chillwave, ambient, & hip hop for you to enjoy. I can just hear the soothing heartbeat pulsating in this music. This was obviously a labor of love for Pro Bono, as it is directly evident that a lot of careful thought went into craft the perfect track listing, energy, & story throughout. This mix was the perfect accompaniment to my last sunny day exploring denver. I hope it will provide the perfect musical accompaniment to your days moving forward! Download it, put it on your mp3 player, & let the tunes take you away. DO IT NOW!

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